How Is Your Quest To 150 Going? Share Your CR!

So, how is everyone’s quest to 150 / all characters at 20 going?

I am currently CR 147 with 8 characters at 20: ERNEST, Gali, Alani, Ambra, MONTANA, Rath, Marquis and Kid Ultra.

Are you guys doing story? PVP? Bots?

Had any crazy / funny / stories so far?

Share your adventures thus far!

Only sad ones or stories not worth telling. Post-WU update has not been kind.

Only CR 122 ATM. I’ve not been using any XP boosters but I’ll get there… eventually. :confounded:

As for characters, I’ve only got Deande at 20, but she’s the only character that I really care about. Everyone else is just icing on the cake. :cake::wink:

Thus dad? Wut?

I’m at 136 and maxed 8 characters too - Attikus, Boldur, Deande, El Dragon, Kleese, Miko, Reyna and Shayne, mostly because I rarely play them in PvP, so I decided to finish them first.

I’m really losing interest in this game tho.

I just want to max all the characters and get the last achievement with the last DLC and I think I will say bye bye to this game (hate to play vs the same players everyday…).

The only 2 titles I will not get will be the Face-Off ones (too much grind and no one plays it)… oh and probably the Supercharged ones too, because that mode will probably get abandoned pretty quickly, just like Face-Off.

ATM machine

Probabaly meant far

I’m not gonna mention my current CR

So slow. I’m only at 108 eventhough ive been playing everyday since the update but quit most games trying to find these eggs haha at least I have Benedict up to 20 though.

I miss PvP :sweat_smile:

I made the mistake of going to 100% on my first BB account, taking it slow this time.
As the old saying goes, be careful about your goals, once you get there it’s all done.


150?! You guys need to go train with King Kia some more, because

#I’M OVER 9000!!