How is Zane truly in the endgame?

I understand he’s considered the weakest of the 4, but how much does he really struggle at higher difficulties? Does he need specific gear or a specific guild to perform well at high difficulties?

He doesn’t do enough damage output vs damage taken. My Zane gets wrecked currently on Mayhem 1 compared to others.

To make him viable he is very gear specific. Haven’t looked too deeply into it.

Meanwhile my Flak wrecks Mayhem 3.

It truly is a staggering difference. Zane is/was my main.

He definitely has less Mayhem 3 viable builds than the other classes. But it depends heavily on what you are playing. I got no problem in Mayhem 3 with the Killskill/Movementspeed build i am playing. But you basically have one or to items in every build i tried that are fixed but i assume thats the same for all the classes and builds. For my part i completely ignored the green tree to this point cause it is buggy as hell and i dont wanted to play a class that is only viable when it can enhance the capability of others. In the end there some Zane builds out there that give you a good arsenal of weapons etc. that can be used, but you cant expect to just blindly put points into some skills and get a viable build like it is/was with Fl4k(only twinked on him before the first nerf).

He’s very hard to play TVHM on M3. Some folks here have shared some very good builds, which I have followed. And I’m basically stuck on The Anvil trying to progress.

I have had better runs when the Mayhem modifiers have been kind to me, yes. Also, I am notoriously bad at shooters, so much of the issue may be user error. That said, I’ve played two other characters all the way through with no problems whatsoever. Zane is the first time I’ve actually felt that I am STUCK and cannot progress.

I get you there The Anvil is really a pain in the ass. I found it to be the hardest area i encounterd so far in TVHM. I would suggest you either turn down to Mayhem 2 for that area or try a diffrent approach depending if you need more damage or survivability. What build are you running right now ? Maybe i can give you some tips how i would tune it to pass that area. But in general if you ever get past it dont go back. The Spawnrates for Badass,anointed and hardened enemys there (or in any COV only area)are just broken and they have way more health than any other enemys in mayhem 3. It still remember that i spend more time killing one of the anointed enemys in front of the boss room than the boss itself which is just ridiculous in my opinion.

While Zane is not on par with the other 3, he still does just fine in TVM3 for me.

I run a clone/sntnl build that gives me near 100% uptime on kill skills with plenty of regen/life steal.

Just takes more time to kill things and gear is more important on Zane then the other 3. But I am sure they will buff him soon enough.

Even so, what I think really is putting me off of him is how long it takes to kill enemies - it really slows down the gameplay. That, and I really don’t want to be reliant on a single element type just to do acceptable damage.

you need to use his action skills and skills to make great effect of him

if you need to only bash bosses i recommend a build like this and using whatever guns you have with the highest dps (with the right elements for that boss) boss basher build

if ur looking for a fantastic mobbing build for zane i recommend checking out the post i made a few days ago about how u can achieve infinite action skill durations to essentially walk over any and all mobs


But that’s the thing - I really don’t want to have to switch between builds just to deal with both mobs and bosses.
I’ve also seen the build you’re suggesting in action. I wouldn’t say he “walks all over” mobs with it. It keeps him alive, if he can freeze enemies, but it still takes a good bit of time to kill an enemy, and that’s what’s really putting me off from playing him, even though I wanted him to be my main. It really just slows down the gameplay.

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Yes, Zane absolutely does like specific weapons and specialized builds. But they work quite well when you use them. There are some specialized builds that work more or less well vs both boss and mobs as well. The only really slow area for Zane is playing against anointeds, but with the right gear that’s still not too bad. I’ve beaten Mayhem 3 with Zane, and while sure there were some painful moments, it still was done pretty well, and fast enough too.

Zane has like 30-50 % less dps burst compared to other classes.
If you go with Fl4k you can’t go wrong. Atm its all about boss farming.
You get good gear easiest there, good enough to run Cisterns. like Slaughter Shaft.
There are other classes that can handle cisterns much better, but you need the right gear for that, or you will be dying every minute and deal almost no damage compared to others in party.

I think the popular and somewhat justfied opinion, that Zane is the weakest, comes from his kit being quite dependend on mayhem modifiers. Especially cryo builds.

Obligatory (1/3 of Zane’s skills are genuinely non-functional);

Swapping up your build for fighting different enemies is what is intended for all borderlands. But in both builds I linked to you, you can make both work for everything but theyre better at dealing with bosses and mobs respectively.

Also, with good execuation of the playstyle I described in the infinitr action skill build, there isn’t a single mob that you can’t decimate in mayhem 3 regardless of modifiers if you got the gear to support it. But even in the worst of cases you don’t need the best gear, using a love machine and purple hyperian smgs in all elements got me through all of mayhem 3

I get what you’re saying, but I just haven’t seen it, but I just haven’t seen it from other players or from videos online. From what I’ve seen, people either have to keep restarting until the modifiers are in their favor, or solely rely on cryo weapons.

Relying on cryo weapons isn’t great because of immunities. Maxing out brain freeze and finding a comm to boost brain freeze will be a lot more effective at utilizing Calm Cool Collected to make the build work

Using weapons with multiple projectiles (shotguns, x2 pistols, smgs, snipers, shotguns, or uniques with multiple projectiles like the crossroad, bekah, etc) will apply cryo through brain freeze much better than cryo weapons (since brain freeze ignores immunities and works on anointeds and bosses)

What weapons do you use on him?

Crossroad, bekah, butcher, night hawkin, and cutsman are guns that are optimal

But other stuff like the lovemachine and lineage are decent alternatives, even purple hyperian smgs are good

If you can’t find multi projectile weapons, anything with high firerate that you can keep on crit is a good substitute as well

Well good to know you don’t necessarily need to rely on cryo weapons, but like I said, it’s the long time to kill that’s really putting me off of him. In nearly every gameplay and video I’ve seen, it takes him way too long to kill enemies.

For mobbing purposes, damage from skills such as Synchronicity, Donnybrook, and Confident Competence in conjuction with Boom. Enhance. and Double Barrel greatly increasing the DPS of the clone and the barrier providing amp damage along with the Retaliation augment should give you enough damage to blow through whatever mobs you face in mayhem 3 with most combinations of modifiers imo, I’ve hadn’t had issues in my own gameplay