How is Zane truly in the endgame?

He can 1 or 2 shot things so i think hes fine, all characters have a broken build atm, zane its actually the one that has more than 1 build that works in mayhem 3, the cryo build is quite interesting and super tanky at least for mobbing.

Depends on gear and M3 rolls.

I run a one shot build with 2 one pump chumps and (Cold Bore) weapon swapping for increased cryo dmg. I have a class mod with +3 into playing dirty and gets the additional shot 100% chance.

He may work with cool, calm and collected gimmicks in solo play since mobs are squishier there, but those builds fall apart in multiplayer where enemeis are sturdier, including annointed and badasses who can only be frozen at low health.

And worst of all, in multiplayer others are prone to snipe your kills, denying you your rather important kill skills and CCC procs to reset cooldowns.

Zane is horrendously weak and gimmicky. Most of his kill skills should be turned into baseline passive bonuses that double in benefit with a kill skill proc to at least raise his abysmal DPS.

He’s bad compared to other character, but fine compared to the difficulty of the game itself. My advice : His survivability being crap, you need to play tricky with Zane, which is kinda his gameplay anyways :

  • I play digiclone + shield, which have the shorter cooldown. Both are huge bullet sponge is used correctly, meaning you can kill enemy while not taking any fire

  • Atlas gun is, in my opinion, a must have to rid yourself a overly tricky situation. Once you’ve darted the head of an annointed you can run around and behind cover, shooting homing bullet in the sky, until they’re dead

  • Zane have a talent for weapon swapping speed, and overall is the kind of character where you want to always match the correct element. He’s not very reliant on actually scoring crit (appart from boss) and more of a “Run and gun” type of character. You want to always be running around, dodging, kitting and taking down your enemies along the way. This gameplay is pretty hard to maintain with annointed that teleport and the such, hence the need to be tricky with your skill and Atlas guns

Consider this character a trickster. He’s currently suffering from some bug, and overall a bit underpowered (Bad design on some part, number too low on other) but he can do

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I have no experience in multiplayer mayhem 3 but I’d imagine with 8/5 brain freeze and CCC you can still proc CCC reseting cooldowns for an optimzed mobbing build using the clone rather than killskills (you only need to hit crits to apply cryo to proc CCC and it will work on anointeds too)

he just got massive annointed buff and also DFC was fixed, so he is only getting stronger and better every update. while other chars are being tuned down from ridiculousness zane is merely being fixed to rise to the power he should have had at launch. so no worries future is bright for zane and endgame is nowhere as hard as people say…

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Play multiplayer then and see for yourself how unreliable CCC becomes with other people in the game.

If you get wrecked on Mayhem 1 you might wanna consider redoing your build. Like, he’s not quite such a powerhouse as Moze but on Mayhem 1 he should be more than fine.

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If crossplay ever becomes a thing I’ll give it a shot but atm I don’t have anyone on PC to play with.

Regardless, I imagine with 8/5 brain freeze and a crossroad you coulf get CCC to proc often enough but that’s my own speculation

After seeing some responses I will be reworking him for sure.

Thats probably correct, didnt play a single multiplayer game, but he performs more than ok in single player. Im guessing Fl4k and Moze shine at multiplayer.

He’s definitely the weakest in the sense that he has no “god build”, but with the right setup he can be very effective in tvhm m3. He also relies on class mod/relic rolls a lot more than the other characters, and in fact everything from anointed buffs to guardian rank perks is necessary to complete his build.

Here’s a clip I took of him in tvhm m3 proving grounds.
(I will admit that the modifiers were decent on this one. With absolute terrible mods he does become kinda useless for damage output.)


I have Flak golden. Moze in the works. (Waiting for a friend to play my Amara). Zane is my favorite so far. So I appreciate it. I want to get back to him.

Any updates on him after the hotfix?

Show more love to Zane !
Fl4k for example is way OP compared to Zane.
Zane can’t come close to Fl4k in terms of dps. In video bellow you can see what i am talking about.
( Build is not complete yet btw, i still lack some good items )

Zane is far more badly hurt by modifiers than any other VH, especialyl because his action skills are largely weak and scale terribly while he has really awful passives for damage amps.

And then there’s the reliance on cryo damage and the fact he has the worst self rez out of the VH’s with Old U being absolute garbage as the clone is most likely dead when Zane usually goes down and is in need of a rez.

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