How long are people queuing for Competitive Play?

I am sure this has been discussed, but I can’t find any concrete answers so I’m asking in a fresh thread.

Since the matchmaking changes I have been trying to find a game in Competitive with little success. I just queue endlessly…and it’s not just me. I’m in a team right now and we’ve been queuing a good 15 minutes with no opponents found.

I think the problem is that there is just too few people queuing at lower skill levels. We don’t know our ELO ranks but I would estimate I’ve won around 40% of games (50% at most).

I’d just like people to post their queues in competitive and some idea of where they think they rank. Say what system you are on - PC, XBone or PS4.

If Competitive doesn’t have enough players at lower skills levels then the new matchmaking isn’t going to work. We may as well have the old system of chucking everyone in together. I think the new system has promise, so I don’t want to disregard it out of hand, but I can’t keep queuing for 15, 20 or more minutes.

I’m on Xbox. The longest que I’ve ever been in since the changes has been about 3 minutes, the shortest being a couple seconds.

I’m on the PC.

When competitive play was introduced, I gave up after waiting for over 30 minutes for a competitive play map vote game - but that was also midnight on a Thursday, so the timing of the attempt could have been an issue.

The next day, times were a little better, but waits in the 15 min range weren’t unusual. I wasn’t able to get into the general competitive at all, but I did get to play a few rounds of the spotlight incursion map.

Saturday was much better - but it also probably helped that I decided I wasn’t particularly interested in waiting a queue for much more than 5 minutes at a stint, and if a team didn’t seem to be gelling within that window, leave that queue and try one of the other pvp mode queues(at least on the PC, it tells you how many other players are in your prospective game, and it’s not unusual for me to spend a lot of time looking at 1 of 10 or 2 of 10.) Games tended to be in the casual queue, but I did manage to get into a couple of general competitive games. No spotlight meltdown games though.

I’m not sure how much of the improvement is due to more actively searching different queues, or the new system channeling players more efficiently, but I have been getting into more games lately, which is handy.

I’m also on PC version and queues just seem to have been massivly increased to me too. I prefer Meltdown to Incursion or Capture and now im being forced to queue for all modes i think its just killing the game for me and many others.

I really want to want to play this game but its being made so difficult to want to play the game right now. As much as i might defend this game i cannot deny the playerbase just isnt there anymore. I really wanted this game to be the game i finally settle on where i can Master PvP for the first time out of all the games i have ever played. Unfortunatly since there appears to be no playerbase i will be continuing my search for that one game that keeps me playing.

play pc here and havent been able to find a competitive game yet

ongest i sat in q was 15 mins with zero matches found.

i then joined casual mode and got absolutely stomped by premade team of 5.


Take your game won and divide them by your games played, and that would be your win percentage.

Also if you ever run into a queue long then 3-4 it might have broke so you should restart.

At my win rate of 70% games take no longer than 2-3m to get. usually. I’m on xbox

I got into a couple of spotlight matches on PC yesterday fairly quickly. The first was maybe 5 minutes, the second no more than a minute or two.

Pretty long right now because…
Argh! :cry:

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Xbox One
Win % is somewhere around 60%, I’m not at home this moment so I can’t check.
Average wait = less than 5 minutes for me

My group of 4 tried a couple of times the other night but gave up after about 10-15 minutes of waiting. Got into a casual almost immediately. I’d like to try skill based matchmaking but I really just wanna play.