How long did it take you to get your Legendary Class mod?

In a Co-op playthrough. I’m doing one now with one of my best buddys and well it sucks seems like I have no love from the RNG god lol. He manage to get his Legendary Class mod in TVHM as Gaige, while I’m still trying to get mine as Krieg. D:

We’re in UVHM now.

My question is in whenever you did a co-op playthrough, how long did it take you to get a Legendary Class mod. It’s easy to farm by yourself but I’ll be honest, it’s sorta boring farming with a buddy…seems so unfair to farm unless the other is alright with it aswell. My Krieg is powerful but I feel like I’m so limited in how much damage I can deal cause I lack a Legendary Sickle.

First wave of legendaries (mechro, zerker, psycho, siren…) can spawn even on NVHM.
Second wave of legendary class mods (sickle, reaper, nurse, catalyst, pointman, ninja…) start dropping after lv61.

We’re both at level 63 so I guess my friend got the First Wave Legendary Class mod. I’m just unlucky I guess lol.

Got my first from Pete at about level 32.

Pete and the Tinder Snowflake from Marcus Mercenary Day I think are your most consistent bets.

Dex drops them pretty regularly as well but the set up and cost to that fight is long and tedious…as the fight itself.

I have a level 61 Legendary Soldier from the old days on a mule somewhere that I will never use again. If you are on a PC my steam is johnrr6 and I can give it to you.

I also have oodles of level 72 and Level 80 gear stored that I also won’t use again if you are interested when yoiu and your friend hit those levels. It may take me a while to find which mule it is on.

Tubbies are your best bet; you can generally find one or two hanging around Ellie’s garage in The Dust.

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I would agree with @Gulfwulf as well as @johnrr6

I get them all the time farming for Ultimate Bad Ass Varkids and Vermi. And the treasure train in Marcus Mercenary Day has Leg Class Mods quite frequently. :smile: