How long does it takes to find a party for versus?

I just bought Battleborn yesterday and all I did was prologue and waiting.
After the prologue I wanted to test Battleborn. So I went for a quick match.

After 30-45minutes I went to bed… Because all I was able to get was 3-4 players out of 10.

I woke up early this morning (5am) to play a game before going at work. I’ve spent my whole morning (5 to 6:40) in a lobby. At one point we were 5/10! I was really excited about playing my game for the “first time”… But then it went back to 2/10 in no time.

The game is on a huge sale on psn… So I guess it’s on its highest peak… And it’s empty. Is it me being out of the peak hours? Or maybe just a bad day…?

I really want to love the game. I loved evolve and just left it because of wait time… I have a son and can only play at night. So 1-2hours of wait is too much for me.

Any tips to find a match?

Huh, I find a match in a minute or two every time. What mode are you playing? Bird Hunt took a lot of the normal queuers

I tried to join quick match last night.
This morning I’ve waited 20minutes in bird hunt without success and switched back to quick match as it’s said to be an “average wait time” compared to a “long” for bird hunt.

That’s odd. What region are you in? Also, the queue times mean nothing, it’s better to just ignore them. If you want, we have a place to party up and play together if you want us to add you. I would’ve already but idk your psn lol

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I’m from Canada so north America I guess.
New York time zone.

Ps ID is purplemikey

I’ll be playing tonight 100% sure. Around 22h.

Thanks for helping out man!

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There ya go! And np