How long does the update take?

Title says it all.
(Xbox one)

I feel like the update with alani was pretty quick, but this one is taking its sweet ol’ time…

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i didnt even get an update

Well for the PS4 its slow too. Started at 20 minutes remaining now its up to 70. Grrrrr

Took me 30min (ps4)

Sidenote: don’t patch in the middle of the day GBX. Thanks.

So…you want them to patch when there’s a skeleton crew and not enough people to actually help fix any issues that arise? Sounds like a great plan.

Started at 9 hours. Then went down to 30 minutes. Now it is at 3 hours

I “might” be able to play just before bed. That is what I am hoping since I like to play BattleBorn everyday after work

Finishing off El Dragon lore and I like to chip away at it everyday little by little so it doesn’t feel too tedious

This is the post I was looking for. Guess I didn’t need to make my own after all.

I’m getting less than 0.1MBps even though my Download speed is at 24.75 MBps right now…

3 more hours…

Ended up taking about 2 and a half hours on my xbone

I’m not sure about xbone but on ps4 try restarting or closing everything out that uses internet mines slow for everything I download unless I do this…the fastest way I’ve found is just put it in rest mode and come back in like 20 min unless its a big download it should be done or at least close to it

Honestly, middle of the day is the best time to patch, by far.

Lowest player count of the day, and normal working hours for the devs, in case something goes wrong and needs quick attention.

Fastest update I’ve seen for the amount of space it was on Xbox, took about 15 minutes on a wireless connection.

30 mins on one PlayStation 20 on the other.
They were in the same room on a wireless network. The 30 min download happened first.

The update took less than 8 minutes for me.

I should note that I updated right after work… which was likely peak hours.
Around 6:30-9:00

Time zones exist. They can’t avoid patching the game in the middle of the day for someone. For me, the patch came live at midnight.