How long is the assist window?

Just wondering if anyone knows how long it can be after you’ve last damaged an enemy that gets killed before you don’t get credited the assist. It’s happened multiple times where I do all the damage to get an enemy down to like 100 health, and then they lead me on a chase where ultimately someone else gets the kill but no assist for me.

No complaints about this, just wondering if anyone knows this.

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To be honest I have no clue either. Sometimes you do most of the damage they get killed by someone else within 5 seconds and no assist. And other times I do a bit of damage get killed myself and like 20 sec after I still get a assist? So after more then 150+ hours of PvP I cannot provide a answer to this question. It seems a bit random. But sometimes I have got an assist like 30/40 seconds after.

I do have a theory tho, that the max amount of assists that are given for one kill is 2. So if 4 people attack one person 1 gets the kill and 2 get assists and the last one doesn’t get anything even if he/she did the most damage. I think its the last people that did the damage get the assist it doesn’t matter how much damage you did. And I think if the killer is getting healed the healer will get 1 of the 2 assists.

This theory does need testing but it is hard to test.

I wish this was it as this is much simpler, but otherwise people couldn’t have gotten Coopetition, as it requires 60 kills with 4 assists on each. And since people have, :thinking:

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The assist widow has to be atleast 20 seconds long because I’ve gotten assist and I can’t even remember attacking the person lol but I’ll take it!

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Yeah, I’ve gotten assists for healing someone then spending a minute and a half shard farming and getting Thralls. I’ve also reduced someone’s health to near nothing then when they die 12 seconds later, nothing.

I think part of it has to do with if their shields regen or not. If they’re getting hit by minions/buildables or something inconsequential that keeps their shield down i think that is part of the window. So it would be affected by their gear if they gave +/- shield gear.
I imagine a percentage of health matters too, so for eldrid, with no shield, if they manage to regen the amount of health you did to them in damage before they are killed, pretty sure you won’t get the assist.
But that’s spitballing. I have no facts.