How long to get a pearl

Me and my friend are doing farmory until one of us gets a pearl. Whoever gets a pearl first wins :laughing:. How long will it take us? On average.

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There is no average. It’s just when RNG decides that you are worthy. It took me 3 months before I saw my first pearl, but took my friend @FlamesForAll 1 week to get his first 2. Just what RNGesus decides.

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And don’t forget the absurd long draughts one can have, Pearl farming wise.

Personally, found 2 Pearls now 3 years ago. 2 Years of finding none followed (partially thanks to BL2) and now I slowly start finding them again by the dozen in the last 6 to 8 months or so.

Also, the chance on getting a Pearl is pretty much <1% per Lance Chest/assigned enemy. Atleast from my own experience and following the rarity points.

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I’m curious, what was the chance of us getting a Blue Eridian to drop from a normal pyro?

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Good one since Eridians screw over logic when it comes to rarity. Only non-Eridian that does it is the Reaper.
Would place it at the same height as finding a perfect Legendary (1:80/1:90).

I’ve been playing the game since 2010, and I found my first pearl last year. So it can take a while. Or you can be a jerk like @FlamesForAll and get a couple super quick.

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Not only he, I vaguely remembering getting my first Pearl in less than a month of playing.

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Oh boy now it is time to get the third farmory mission because I just read it gives increase drop rate!

Let RNGesus be generous and rain upon you with Pearls!

Answer = a long freaking time, and then it will probably look like one of these!

Oh I’ve only been looking for a serpents forever now!!!

Took me 4 years to get my first (I wasn’t hardcore farming though).

But since I started killing Craw at a decenct rate, I’ve gotten 13 pearls.

Remember to open ALL lance chests as well, I’ve gotten 1 from the highway outpost and 2 from the Deep Fathoms one.

Also kill Drifters, got a (terrible) Serpens from one on the way to Armoury.

Keep trying, it may seem pointless but the adrenalin rush of that cyan beam is a high like no other.

Something orange beams can’t do anymore for me in this game.

Nope, we’re past that.

We’re like junkies who can only get pleasure off pure un-cut whale dopamine.

When I see an orange beam my excitement builds as I see the parts, a long slow breath in followed by an exhale worthy of it’s quality.

If it’s mediocre a short dismissive nose puff.

If it’s an upgrade to what I have (or something I havnt seen yet) a long “ahhhhh” that turns into a grin.

If it’s something with near perfect parts or otherwise ultra rare, short spluttery mouth breaths as my chest convulses and my eyes squint and roll upwards.

But a Pearl, before I even see which one it is, let alone parts. Is always a gut-punch, and as I check the parts my face starts at a smile and moves towards a sh*t-eating grin if I like what I see.

Gearbox created something magical here, sadly I have never felt anything close to this euphoria in either Bl2 or TPS.



If it is an orange beam and the item is grey, a Equilizer, or anything else in the Tediore family I automatically pass up on them. Managed to lett go of some of my personal restrictions but Maliwan & Tediore are still a pretty big no. Blame Volcano’s and Equilizers for that.

As for the rest of the items, they have to be atleast near perfect, if the game wants to try me to jump around with excitement.

Wonder how long that’ll last for me.

Only part I personally don’t agree on. Have yet to witness the loot buff myself, but the last time I played BL2 I was jumping with joy for every legendary I found, even if it is the bunny. In TPS, not so much when I see them popping up in the vendor.

You’ve never found a good Volcano? I think I have one that does over 1200 damage.

I’ve seen too many, both ends of the good/bad spectrum.
Firehawks and Hellfire’s drop like candy aswell.

1000 hrs no pearl.but ok with it,not a collector.

If you find a Serpens or a Bessie or a Nemesis, you might change that statement. Some Pearls are amazing good even with ok parts…

probably,but my delusion is better than the disappointment of no pearl