How long will it take. A guessing game

As stated in the title. This is a guessing game of sorts. On how long it will take untill discovery of these things in borderlands 3:

  1. First major exploit.
  2. Discovery of all Easter eggs.
  3. Discovery of all hidden chests.
  4. Discovery of all vault symbols or anything of the same nature as the vault symbol.
  5. Figuring out where to get out of bounds. 6. console achieving all achievements before first dlc.
  6. console same as 6 but after all dlc.
  7. Definitive must get weapons and gear.

My guesses are for the following. Mind you I have no idea on how long some of these took in borderlands 2 so here it goes.

  1. First week.
  2. Six months to a year.
  3. Three months.
  4. Six months.
  5. One month.
  6. Three months if at all.
  7. Three years.
  8. One year.
    It will be interesting to look back on this to see if any of my guesses and yours if you choose to participate.
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Don’t know why number 6 is there twice. Thought it was error on my part. Went to fix it with edit but it show the list properly 1 through 8. No number 6 twice.

  1. im gonna guess within a weak. usually at launch games tend to have a bug or something. its my guess though. could be wrong.
  2. tbh, easter eggs stuff might as well take years to figure out. im gonna call it on one easter egg being Jurassic Park related. but could take 1+ years for sure if there are a lot of quests/side quests/planets/etc. even the dialogue used in some missions could be an easter egg.
  3. id give it 6months to a year.
  4. couple of months. if there is a lot of space to cover it might take a while
    5./6. this could take a while. most trophies are easy to get, but other trophies require the use of all valut hunters. so its playing as them and getting them to level up etc.
  5. hard to say tbh. id say as you progress through the game and get lucky on drops (excluding rewards since you auto get it) id say several months. especially since you have augmentation stuff added.
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There’s three things I know for sure. 1. I can’t wait to start playing the game to do my list. 2. Form postings on bl3 here will be popping. 3. YouTube videos being uploaded will be even more frequent then they are now.