How Long Will You Keep Playing Battleborn For?

So, let’s say, God forbid, that nothing else is ever released for Battleborn; no more characters, no more DLC, no more Ops, no more patches, no more hotfixes, no more Battleplans, etc.

The servers stay open and we are allowed to play.

That’s it.

How long would you keep playing Battleborn for?

Also, why or why not?

Honestly, for me, I feel I am always getting better and I am happy with how the characters are currently sitting and I still feel like I am improving all the time.

So, as long as I still have some friends to group up with, I’ll keep playing as long as the servers are up, and still fairly frequently.

Really interested to hear all your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

If that would happen and nothing else is ever released - my HDD would be 37.1 GB lighter at this exact moment.


Why, please?


Okay, assuming the amount of players will stay the same… (yes, I know that’d be ridiculous, but the prompt is meant to be like that anyways)

Probably jump on from time to time. After I unlock all of… everything… reach max rank… I’ll take a long break.

Gotta work on my Attikus play…


I took a break for a while but started getting hooked again.
Battleborn PvP is just too much fun. Plus it’s just so much knowledge to throw away. I probably wouldnt touch the story again though.

I’ll play most days until the next Borderlands comes out and then we’ll see what that offers.
Who knows though. I’d like to see Battleborn PvP become a staple in my gaming diet for years.


No content = no more players. Nobody will return. Nobody will buy this game. The characters are still not balanced AND the main reason - online only game will never survive without the new content. Why would someone invest (buying skins and stuff) in a game without no future? Without playerbase? Without fresh blood? Several hardcore players is not a “selling point” for a newcomer.

We are basically at the state where nothing happens but we still have a glimmer of hope. If there are no updates - no one will have any hope and will abandon this game (and forums) for good.



Im not denying that certain characters are imbalanced, but, I think what a lot of people see as “unbalanced characters” is really “unbalanced skill levels”.

Experience, amount of matches played and constant, muscle-memory improving practice really counts for a LOT in this game!


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I’ve been wondering this too, the wait times on PC are painful.

I have two BB Steam accounts, the idea was to put new life into the game, and that did the trick.

But one is level 150 the other is level 141, once its at 150, the characters are level 20, well…
I don’t see a reason to wait on a match anymore after that.


If i can find a match i will play.

Sometimes i dont have time to wait, last week(when servers crashed) i had 2 hrs to play, i spent, 1:40 hr btw crashes and mm, only 20 min in capture.

Even with that kind of… Annoyance i still want to play, i love the game.


So, I decided to limit myself to playing 5 BB a week and it’s working quite nicely for me. It sort of keeps everything fresh every week, no BB is left forgotten, I have things to look forward to every week, and by the end of the week it always leaves me wanting more. And continuing that I could probably comfortably play for at least another year (oh boy…).



That’s the spirit!

Basically this, coming from the PC side. Last two attempts in waiting in a queue it was close to 2 hrs. So I basically just jump on to play private 10 mans or if I get invited to a pre made to try our luck in queue. I really love the game but can’t wait a long time just to play a match where the other team may just drop out/dodge anyway…


Longest I’ve EVER had to wait in recent times on PS4 was 15 minutes.

Very rare.

Usually 5 tops, if not less.

Of course, this is starting with 5 people.

Yea… it was close to 2 hrs when I attempted to solo queue or was in a duo. Sometimes it’s pretty fast with a 5 man but the skill level is too wide and the matches aren’t fun


If it wasn’t for FFXIV I would probably play BB more frequently alongside Overwatch and Paladins. I’ve made points before but I won’t repeat myself. FFXIV being an MMO with many, many players and things to do, it soaks up the majority of my time. BB has just became repetitive for me personally and I prefer to play solo, so it doesn’t help. I can’t really see any new content coming other than patches including balancing fixes, so I doubt I’ll ever really pick it up again, unless I just want to play a match or two for memories sake. I’d still try to play a match or two of Evolve every now and then if it wasn’t for the fact it’s near enough completely dead and waiting times are an hour +

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Reads title and nothing else.


Buuut i’ll still be playing LESS, because Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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What happened to ME:A?

When did you start Horizon?


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Forward I go, perfection is yet to be achieved.


It sucking. I still PLAY it, i’m just not as interested in it…

I didn’t, but i DO plan to get it as soon as i grow tired of the new Zelda game… Which addmitedly COULD be a while.

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It might not be as good as ZELDA (I’d have to play both to say), but it’s SO GOOD!

Finished Platinum’ing it last weekend.

Also, what’s wrong with MEA?