How Long Will You Keep Playing Battleborn For?

Let’s be real, at least on PC, battleborn is far from doing good. If nothing at all would happen, it would be dead in a moment. And since some challenges require other players, I wouldn’t even bother to complete those that don’t.

I just wish more players would get to try BB, it’s so underrated :confused:


It’s just not as good as i had hoped; far from it, in fact…



Specifics, please?

I bought it recently but have yet to try it.

Already derailing your own thread? :open_mouth:
ME:A is a clunky, stale, bugged, congested, and lukewarm rehash of ME1
It has really tight good controls and combat/MP is amazing but it’s wasted on an ill conceived game


This^. Even the MP seems more stale and uninspired than the last three games.

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Once the numbers dwindle too much.


You are writing a play about Attikus?


I was discussing this the other day and we both agreed that if there was another split screen game worth playing then we would probably have moved on already.

If it can be played in co-op (Borderlands, L4D, CoD) we have probably exhausted it. So I guess we will stick with Battleborn for the time being, albeit less frequently if it doesn’t see much developer love until something else comes along. Most likely Borderlands 3. Kind of frustrating that 2k gets our money one way or the other!



Best post yet today.



Man, the way I word things is important…


My development hours devoted to Battleborn eclipse my actual play time. That being said, i had more or less 100% the game at the time before the Winter Update dropped. I’ve also played every Operation enough times to be up to date with the lore. Never been a big fan of PvP in general (in any game) so I don’t have a lot of reason to prioritize my free time to play it not when I have a dozen other things I want to do. A stack of games I haven’t even opened, a Zelda map project that has taken me a month to gather data only to find someone actually data mined all the data I needed -_-

Thanks to Age of Triumph, I’m giving Destiny a bit of a hit since like any online game, its best to play them when you know there’s going to be a bunch of other ppl playing (7 Atheon challenge completions this week is evident of that :heart:). I also fully intend on playing Yooka-Laylee the moment it launches…tomorrow :open_mouth:

I highly doubt I will be able to get through all the things on my todo list any time soon, but you can sure as hell bet I’ll be around when the next Battleborn update drops! I’m also going to look at revisiting the Loot Hunt idea I had once I get a chance to look at the APIs the Gearbox devs are working on just in case there’s something in there that I can use to make the event more fun! The window for it has passed so it’ll be better to run it when ppl jump back on for new content.

My experience with Battleborn has never been dependent on the number of players actively playing the game so as long as the servers stay up I can play it whenever I want.



Development hours?

As long as possible. This is probably my favorite game of all time


I’ll play until my last main character becomes boring just like all the previous ones. I won’t get any better when most of the time both my teammates and opponents are much less skilled than me.





But fair enough.


Hours spent making Battleborn content for my website. Includes converting game data (aka data mining) and media assets into something I can use on the web (it’s called ETL, google it) and building web apps to display and interact with this information.

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Off topic piece of advice
If your not going to play yooka laylee on PC you should wait for the optimization patch. The games isn’t running 100% right now

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Don’t care, I used to play N64 games on a PC that could only run them at 12-30fps. (iirc N64 games used to run at 60fps)

Note: I did own an N64 as a kid, but being a kid at the time, I missed out on a lot of games which I had only heard about well after the N64’s era.


The 64 didn’t lock frame rate and was capable of hitting 60fps but it typically ran at 30.
OoT and MM ran at 20/17PAL
SNES/Gen - 64/PSX was my childhood
I’m all excited for Y~L too (Banjo-Kazooie is in my top 5) but I’m resisting the urge and waiting for the switch port

Edit:Bah I’m pulling a Cam
We need get this here train back on them there rails


CHOO CHOO!! :slight_smile:

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