How lucky am I?

Sorry in advance for bad quality, im having wifi issues so im uploading from my phone, but I just HAD to know: what are the chances of a pearl of dropping from a handsome jack cardboard cutout in the Raid on Digistruct Peak?

And a followup question: how lucky were you, what was the luckiest thing that has happened to you?


I had a psyco in the peak drop me a saw bar and I’ve gotten a peral from a chest.

I’ve gotten two pearls from the Marcus chest, a butcher and sawbar, as well as a legendary COM, two topneas, and a bee

I have Literally NEVER gotten anything good from Marcus in all of my playthroughs. My best was probably a nice e plasma caster.

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All just the favor of RNGesus

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I’ve never gotten anything from them but ammo and grenades.

I get weapons from them but a peral wouldn’t it just count as a world drop that’s 1/10000 chance?

Got a Storm from a Dumpster very early last year, when the droprates were lower.
A Butcher and 2 Sawbars from red chests, in the same year.

It’s still a very rare, and a very lucky drop. Since worlddrops are still an insanely low chance.

Did the drop rate increase also affect world drops?


Though I cant give the numbers for pearls, since I never knew those pre-release. World drop legendaries went from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 3333 if I’m correct.

Oh I guess there not as rare as I thought.

I’ve found two legendaries in skag / trash piles in recent weeks. In addition to that warm glow at the sight of gold I find myself imagining the chain of events that led to the legendary being there: a skag discovering the grenade, and perhaps treasuring it for a brief period before discarding it in a moment of pacifism…

It had to, At least for me. Since hitting level 72 I’ve got ALL my Legs from chests and drops.
(not counting the BEE and DPUH and the Flakker) <-- Other than those I never got any L’s in all N/T/UVHM’s until the increase.

My biggest surprise was getting a pearl Wild Bekah LMG from a Tubby spider in front of Ellie’s.
Another one was getting a L Fire Bee grenade from a locker in Sanctuary HQ.

Yeah you had some good luck. That bekha is beyond lucky.

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When it comes to pearls, quite the contrary, specially second generation ones.
From my experience it is easier to gett the pearls as worlddrops (excluding second gen, im not sure if they even can be worlddrops).

I’m thinking the RNG felt it owed me. :smiley:

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The 2nd gen pearls are tubbie only drops and are very rare. And clusterchuck got his at lvl 72 which is even rarer.

Bee from a tresher in the Goliath Couple HH, DPUH Jakobs grip from Stalker goo or whatever that thing is called.

Also, Hellfire from the Zaford bar genocide quest.

I remember getting pearls from regular trash mobs at least twice. I also got an Avenger from Mick Zaford once, in a double drop along with a Maggie. Ironically, I never got a pearl from a tubby. Not even one from the first set that isn’t exclusive to them.

I got a Hellfire from Mick himself while farming for a Maggie once, but it was during the time the drop rate increase was at its highest when they were testing new rates.

The gods were with me today. Managed to solo Krieg through the peak at OP3 (dagged my way through it after MANY painful deaths) and found no less than 3 legendaries: a Bee from a Spiderant, Skullmasher from a digistruct chest, and a Doc’s Striker from Mr Handsome Cardboard himself. Worth the pain, and I think Krieg enjoyed himself.