How lucky am I?

I got a quasar from the chest underneath the arena in Torgue’s dlc and just now got 3 legendarys in one chest from the loot train, leg mech, leg hunter and a fastball.


I just got a triple drop from pyro Pete. An infinity, skullmasher, and fabled tortoise. I was quite amazed

And the two runs before that I got a transformer and a storm front. RNGesus is on point

Managed to get a perfect Sawbar (Dahl stock, Bandit grip, damage prefix and a clear sight along with it) from a Stalker pile. From that day forth, I started to pop every single pile I saw.

That is the exact same place where i got my pearl. Weird

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I got a Leg Quasar and of course a Leg COM from the train 1st try. Hadn’t visited it for a while.
I think that’s my first good Quasar ever.