How many characters have you taken to level 72 or beyond?

I played this a bunch back on 360, and imported my saves, but still only have 4 characters in UVHM (and none past level 62). I jump around from one to another depending on my mood, but with the slow grind I’m starting to wonder if I should just stick with one so I can reach those OP levels and try them.

I was just curious about how many people have put the work into maxxing multiple characters.


I’m pretty new here (less than a year), and really new to the OP levels (last few months). I have 6 toons (1 of each) at various OP levels. I have a Sal at OP8 (no one is surprised at that), a Maya at OP7, and the other 4 at OP2. I found that it was easier to get to 72 one toon at a time by completing the vanilla game and some DLC, but I have rotated my peak runs to some degree. If I hit a rhythm with a toon I ride it out until it gets frustrating, at which point I prep for and try running another toon. For me it’s been worthwhile to put in the work with all 6 toons. They all play differently, and the climb to 72 helps you learn each class’s idiosyncrasies. The peak is generally an exercise in fine tuning approach (gear, build, strategy) that I find very stimulating and enjoy with all of my characters.


This is actually a great opportunity for me to take stock of all my characters :rofl:

My original six are all at OP8 ( except Axton who’s still at OP6 ). I’ve done several 0-72+ since then. I’ve also several times cloned my characters to make a new one and done an OP0 or OP4 reset.

  • Maya : 2 from 0-OP8 , two clones ( one OP4 and one OP0 )
  • Axton : 1 from 0-OP6 , one clone ( OP0 )
  • Salvador : 1 from 0-OP8 , one clone ( OP4 )
  • Kreig : 1 from 0-OP8 , 1 from 0-OP4 , 1 in TVHM
  • Zer0 : 1 from 0-OP8, 1from 0-OP4 , three clones ( two OP0 , one OP4 )
  • Gaige : 1 from 0-OP8

And then there are the mules…

Edit : regarding the decision to bring all characters up together vs doing one at a time, I personally prefer to do them consecutively. However, I have mules to store good level 50-72 gear so I can just dip in if I’m desperate ( although I try to get fresh gear each time ).

The obvious advantage to doing all six together or staggered is you can keep passing down good gear - keep them all 5 levels apart. The disadvantages are storyline burnout and also not completely immersing oneself in the one character.


This thread really highlights how unhappy I am with how few characters I have at OP8. When I originally owned BL2 on the 360 the only characters I had gotten to OP8 were Zer0 and Krieg. After switching to PS4 I figured “y’know what, why don’t I just have an OP8 character of each class?” And so that’s what I set out to do by promptly starting up a new Axton. However this is where I fell into a trap. I loved Axton so much that I know have around 14 days on my OP8 save which is time I could’ve been spending on other characters. So for now that’s what I’m working for.

The list of characters I have done full runs to OP8 are

  • Axton
  • Krieg
  • Zer0

The ones I still need to complete are

  • Maya (In progress at lvl 64)
  • Sal (at lvl 62)
  • Gaige (literally have not touched her at all)

The good news is I’ve really gotten back into BL2 and TPS. What I’ve been doing lately is every time I build a max level character, I do it with another one on the other game. Very good way of not getting burnt out. What has really made the building process more fun is watching all those old @Joltzdude139 videos on it and just seeing the process, what gear he chooses and all that. I expect by the end of summer I might have all characters completed


at least 6 :rofl:


Since i got the handsome collection for my PS4 i got 3 characters to OP8.Salvador, Zero and Krieg. I have to say that i couldnt manage to do Kriegs op levels all by myself so a friend with an op8 character helped me out :roll_eyes: was still fun and op8 took us serveral trys :joy:
Currently leveling up Maya but because i play coop with a friend who is short on time OP8 is far away (she is 53).
On my 360 i got Sal, Gaige and Maya on Op8 and Krieg on Op4.
Never reached lvl 50 with Axton :joy:


I can see the upside of bringing them up together and sharing gear. Probably saves a lot of extra farming.


On the 360 at least 1 of each but that was with the assistance of a glitch that has since been patched. On the XBox One all except Krieg are at OP8, and he just made OP7 :grin:. More than that no, but I am trying to get all my mules to at least TVHM (55 mules currently).


4 out of 6.
The first one was a commando. I pretty much took it from low TVHM all the way to 72. He’s been sitting at OP1 eversince. Waiting his turn.
Second was Sniper build Assasin. Followed by the Gunzerker
At the time I only had the basic four. Liked my friend’s Mechro and I thought my wife would like her so in the middle of that I bought the pack. The wife never really played after tasting UVHM with her Siren. Tiny Tatas eventually passed the Siren and made it to 72.
Moved on the PS4 and got Handsome Collection. Wasn’t interested by the Psycho but eventually gave it a shot. That one too passed the Siren… He’s currently 67.
The Siren is 56.

I try to keep a gap of ± 10 (up to 20) while leveling the bunch. Made it easier to pass on gear without having to share the same level ones.


Ive taken the journey to 72. About a dozen times. Put so much time into bl2 since launch. Such an amazing game, that i truly love.


Yeah so much time with this game but still find out something new everyday.
Thought i’ve had found the best thing in the game when i first played zero straight to op8. Then expierenced what Krieg can do with a group of slagged enemys and a single fadtball and was litterally blown away :smile:
Never played melee zero, tryed it out and… wow feels like a whole new game.
Forgot how much i love Maya when i started a new coop playthrough with a friend and currently i just felt in love with Hellborn Krieg :grin:
So much love for this game and so much possibilities. But unfortnetly so little time so play :frowning:


Exactly. Im still finding new things all these years later. Its so awesome. Yea, these days i barely have time to play anymore.


I have taken all of them to OP8 solo, well sort of, some with splitscreen help (I got 2 accounts)

I run Salvador and Maya to OP8 solo, legitimately.

Then I run Krieg, Axton and Zero in UVHM until I got to Bar Room Brawl and powerlevel myself to 72 (with my OP8 Salvador). Farmed for 72 gears then run the peak up to OP4 solo.

Then I run 2 more peak runs with OP8 Salvador to get them to OP8. Why only 2 peak runs? Because of the Peak free OP levels skip (or whatever they call it). You need to complete the final area in the peak and proceed to the elevator, once the mission lights up green, go back to the last area, once there, I use the one i’m powerleveling to turn the mission in and start a new peak mission. after that just walk in the entrance of the last area and you can clear the map and complete the peak again to unlock another OP level.

For Gaige, I haven’t run a complete playthrough yet with her, I just powerlevel one to do some raids.


4 legit, two more with help

Maya to op8 (first char) solo

Started Sal, took him into tvhm and stopped- later powerleved him to op8 to run deputy

Zero to op8 solo

Axton to op3 (?) solo- stopped using him, maybe need to pick him back up at some point

Maya to 72 for the unofficial loot hunt

Got a krieg powerleveled up to op8

Gaige got to tvhm but I just didn’t enjoy playing her


Any advices to make axton fun? :laughing:
Just not motivated to take him to uvhm


Sure. Melee Axton. The only gun you’re allowed to use is your turret, although you can use grenades. You’re welcome!


I played Axton to level 23 way back on the 360, and abandoned him for the same reason once I got my hands on Krieg and Maya. However, recently (and with a bunch of help from people on these forums), I pushed him through TVHM and some of UVHM, with enough points to start dipping into combination setups. I just flipped him to the Gemini, and got rid of double up. Didn’t think I could pull it off, except that Magic Missiles and a nice slag smg/repeater pistol keep the world purple for you. I find that having two turrets, and longbow/maglock turn every fight into an adventure. I’m always looking for nice spots to mount one or both, to create a sort of killbox. Personally, I think it adds a tactical aspect that none of the other characters have. I enjoy that part of his game. Granted, I’m still torn between him and Maya and Krieg, but trying to push them all to 72 has really given me a sense of how much variety there is between characters and builds.


If by fun you mean ‘more enjoyable’ first you have to describe where he’s lacking at for you. Is it his AS, his game play style, his personality, what? If it’s just trying to avoid a typical Axton build there are varied ways of doing that I’d imagine- Sniper Axton perhaps? Shotgun Soldier Axton? God of Explosives Axton?I could go on- but I won’t- but I could… :grin:


Trying to limiting me on one weapon type or manufractures sounds like an idea. I’ve never done that :thinking:


Here’s my list:

Axtonishing: 72 (Kitchen sink Axton)
Mayapocalypse: OP1
Salvadorable: 72
Ultimate Gaige: 72
Zer0 P0int Energy: 69
Psycho Naut: 63
Da DukaNuka: 56 (Nuclear Axton)

Then a bunch more completed or finishing TVHM, and an equal number of mules.