How many characters have you taken to level 72 or beyond?

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I’ve got 8 at 72 or above, I believe.

Maya: Thoughtlock build is OP8
Axton: Standard Double Up/Gemini build is OP8
Sal: Standard “lol raid boss” build is OP8
Zer0: Melee build is OP8, gun build is OP7
Gaige: Death-Trap build is OP8, Anarchy build is OP4
Krieg: Bloodlust/Mania build is OP8

I’ve got a bunch of characters somewhere near the end of TVHM or early UVHM (Scorn Maya, Nuke Axton, Brawn Sal, Bloodlust/Hellborn Krieg) and a bunch of allegiance runs in NVHM (Dahla Dahla Bill, the Commando, is the only one near the end though).

(Greybeard) #22

Axton OP8
Gaige OP0, 8
Krieg OP0, 1, 3
Maya 2xOP0, 4xOP8
Sal OP8

I’ve never found a way to enjoy Zer0 at the higher levels.

(Rumplebunny) #23

Off the top of my head…

A Maya and a Sal at OP8
An Axton at OP3 (edit: he’s in the midst of a fresh, reset OP0 playthrough after tossing all his hodgepodge gear. :slight_smile: )
A Gaige at OP4 (though I play her at OP0 with 72 gear; I wanted to see how far I could go in the Peak with 72 gear and OP4 is where I left off)
A Sal at OP1 (I play him at OP0 with 72 gear)
Krieg at OP1
Two other Mayas at 72 (different dedicated builds)
Another Krieg at 72
Zer0 at 72 (the only character yet to visit the Peak; need to work on that!)
Another Axton at 72

And a truckload of sub-72 characters…

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OP8 Maya
OP8 Krieg
OP8 Axton
2 OP8 Zer0s (1 melee, 1 gun-based)
1 OP1 Zer0 (sniper)
1 OP6 Sal (my current project)
Gaige is not yet to 72 (56 I think)
Have to say that my BL2 regret is that I’m decent with all of the them, but never really mastered any of them.


Started with Gaige when I bought the game few years ago. Stopped playing at 25 for one reason or another.

Picked it back up few weeks ago and have been binge playing it. Took another Gaige through normal playthrough to 33, then have since gotten Salvador to 72.

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I took all my original ones to OP8 many moons ago. (The Peak came in the fall of 2013, right? Ye gods…so many moons ago.)

Since then I’ve parked one of each at OP4 and OP0 as well, although 5-6 more have gotten to 72 while I’ve been playing co-op.
I also have a bunch of VHs spread out across various levels, ready to leap into the fray when one of my co-op partners feel like doing a run. Overall that was one part of the game I missed out on for several years simply because I’m a fool. I’ve been making up for it since.

Endgame is cool and all but I’ve already done everything and in any event character building has always been one of my favorite aspects of games.
Co-op also offers very few opportunities for farming, so working with what you’ve got is a fun way to indulge in nostalgia.

Won’t lie, I miss the early days sometimes. Anyone else get that feeling?

(1sirus2) #27

7 in total:

Two Maya’s to op8, one of which is now gone 5ever
One Gaige to op8
One Zer0 to op8
One Krieg to op8
Sal and Axton are both 72 but stuck somewhere in the op’s, 2 and 4 respectively iirc

And those are all six of my characters, never saw the point to bringing additional characters that high when Respec exists, but to each their own.

(Zen_Disaster) #28

Maya & Zer0 to 80 / OP8. Other four to 50 / UVHM.

(superzi12345) #29

Mhhh first op8 was Zero, tough i had a op4 maya, which has got op8 shortly after.
Then did axton and he was the best experience for the peak, learnt a lot about positioning and turrets deploiment here, greatly struggled for the op7/8 run, but i did it with a single turret build, which i suppose is not the easiest at the peak.
Next was Salvador but i skipped his peak, just got him to 72 then a friend did the work. Not a big fan of Sal. Krieg was tons of fun, felt in love with him ( 22 days in less than 1 year confirms ), tho the peak with a 77% reaper was really painful. Got a 88% around op5/6 and the rest was smooth. I just farmed For a new firehawk at and flakker/dphu. Gaige was trick in uvhm to be honest but up to 72 the peak went really well with her, 400 stacks makes the deal i guess.
I kinda want to start a new one but now i’m entering TPS so mhhhh :slight_smile:

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I think he is fun but I don’t try to convince others to like what I do. The others in the string were pressing you to say why so they can try to “help” you but I can’t really care if you don’t wanna expand on it & figger you gotta right just to say it like you did.

That said, try another few playables ~ it’s a great game so you’ll find one that suits you. Cheers!