How many days have you spent on this game?

Curious as to how much playtime forum-goers ever have accumulated on their main character/s.

I’ve been playing since 2010 and have racked up 51 days of playtime on my main mordy between PC gamespy, Xbox 360, Xbox One backwards compatibility and Steam(using willowtree to switch saves over when I changed devices.)

51 days seems insane to me but I’m sure there are some forum-goers that have me beaten


I would be afraid to even know. I’m sure it’s more than 51 days. That’s only 1224 hours lol

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you can check on your game when you’re selecting character

How exactly? Never tried. On ps3


Well no wonder you played so much tech…you started in 2005! Lol

idt this works on ps3. That’s all I see. I load a character and it just asks me about PT. This background never shows any info

Yeah, that date will be on xbox360 when you dont have console conected to network. I started this Lili 3 years ago. Only have my Roland that I was playing back in 2009.

That’s weird.

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click existing character than hover over it? I dunno i don’t have ps3

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Hover? Thats a mouse thing yes?

IIrc @Geomason was playing on ps3, so maybe he can help you with that.

It even didn’t occur to me to bring my old characters over to Steam…

@odiscordia unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to see that stats on PS3 it seems there is no such option on PS3…