How many Deandes does it take to beat Heliophage?

Let’s just say… a lot. Kind of.

I needed to complete the lore for Deande where I needed to get 10,000 damage from Rendain. To my surprise, the two other teammates choose Deande as well and things got a bit…well, crazy.

I didn’t take photographs until late in the fight (due to how intense that fight is) but whenever I had the opportunity, I took it to snap a few. Unfortunately, they really don’t do justice at summing up just how insane it actually was.

At one point, I just gave up trying to figure out who my teammates were and started to revive everything in sight, which is probably why we had 14 clones at one stage (I still don’t get how we ended up with so many). :slight_smile:

Sadly, the second Rendain went through the portal, my game crashed. However, everything was saved so I ended up getting my lore completed! I just didn’t get to say goodbye to the gazillion clones that had helped me through it all :’(

Have you guys ever had a full team of Deandes? I wish I had the opportunity to play in one, but maybe sometime. It was too much fun.


It is a blast! Only down side, your team stops reviving, but on Helio that isn’t always a bad thing.
I’ve been pretty amazed at how good the clones perform.

Is anyone on ps4 willing to help make a team of five Deandes for Heliophage? If the game crashes, well, I’d consider that a success.

Who’s Mu’sklati? Never seen it.

…The big nasty black thing that constantly throws killing trash at everyone.

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I was really amazed at how tuned in the AI was. They would occasionally just stand around but for the most part, they were engaged in the enemies just as much as we were.

If you’re ever looking for someone, I’ll happy to do it all over again. :slight_smile:

Nice joking, but still nothing clear.

Yeah, I found it, the Conservator from Void’s Edge got its name in Helio. Never had a time to look at it.

Answer: None, the mission looks at Deande’s awesomeness and submits in a fit of zeal.

Question: How many Deandes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: Light bulb? Who uses light bulbs anymore?

This is actually true, the moment Rendain came back out, he actually said “I’m not fighting you guys. You kicked all their butts and I’ve since come to the conclusion that you guys rock. Like really, you guys are just plain bad ass and I can’t help but submit. So take me. I won’t fight back. You guys are the best.”

I wish I had audio proof of him saying this, though.

One of those Deande was me, Usually I waited for one of you guys to cry out for a revive in order to distinguish between clones and players…at some point there were like 10 clones+Some of us down…very confusing. It was fun though. It felt nice to return the favor to that map of infinite ads with infinite Deande.

Fight fire with Deande Clones

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I was gonna say one. But that works too.

It was really confusing but like you said, fun. If we had a full team, I can only imagine the insanity would break the game! And now that you mention it, I guess I should have called for help, but we did pretty well. :slight_smile: