HOW many Destroyers?!?

Hallo all; first post here. :slight_smile: I just got the game yesterday as a late birthday present for myself and have been enjoying it immensely.

Like many here, I am a fan of the original; bought it when it first came out and have been enjoying it ever since.

There has been, of course, a great deal of adjusting; the keyboard layout is completely different, though since I said “Heck with it” and remapped everything to HW standard; it’s gone great.

I’ve been having a great deal of seriously exasperated, frustrating fun on Mission 5; Great Wastelands 2 - it’s always been one of my favourite missions. I like the fact that this engine now adjusts the Taiidan Fleet’s strength to match your own upon starting. I’d won it quite quickly and had collected the Destroyer; it wasn’t enough - I wanted a harder challenge. So I went back to the ending of 4 and ramped myself up to max strength before Jumping.

Now…every thread I’ve read on it has so far said you would get two Destroyers coming at you. I haven’t read anything about three.

So imagine my shock - arrive, start harvesting, shoot my probe off (I like to do it early to stir up the hornet’s nest) and watch it fly…straight into SIX OF THE BLASTED THINGS!!!
Holy snakes!
And of course to make things more fun with 14 maximum Salvage Corvettes (in the classic game I play as the Borg :wink: ) you can only grab three at a time…which means I’m cooked.
Totally done like dinner.

Another nice twist is that the moment the Salvagers hook on; everybody with yellow paint drops what they’re doing and attacks them. Sensible - that’s what would happen if there was a brain behind the Taiidan Fleet.

But wow, you talk about getting pummelled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Mothership get sliced apart that quickly before.

Kewl :wink:

So I’m going to have to go back and try it again; there’s definitely no way I’m capturing 6 Destroyers. I wonder if there’s any way to calculate the odds so that I’m faced with three? That’d be a good force to take into the asteroids. :slight_smile:

Cheers! And glad to be here :slight_smile:


Update to my last:
I said above that I liked the fact that the enemy force is adjusted for your own strength; I must say I’ve cooled ever so slightly. It took me FOREVER going right back to the Outskirts to arrange things satisfactorily: 7 Ion Array frigates, 6 Assault Frigates, 40 Scouts, 14 Salvs, 3 Support Frigates (Which I just LOVE in this version, BTW); some built after arriving at the Taiidan Fleet. Which gives me 2 DD’s to capture - a nice bit of cheese to take into the Asteroid Belt.

I have some observations if folks don’t mind.
Aware that I’ve only finished Chapter 5; but I’ve been reading with much trepidation the fact that fighters are apparently useless in this new version. I used fighters heavily in the original, so this worried me.
I must say, I didn’t find any issues at all. Oh; they certainly acted differently but once I accounted for the changes they worked superbly. Rather than my 10-ship formations of old I reduced them to numerous 5-ship X-es, set the tactics of half of them to aggressive, the other half to defence. Worked beautifully; in concert with a team of assault frigates and the support frigates on permanent repair orders, the force ripped through the interceptor patrols and forward attack waves quite comfortably - only lost two Scouts by the time the enemy frigates arrived. Made VERY short work of the enemy collectors too; I used to have trouble bagging them before their help showed up. I REALLY like how fast and smoothly resupply and repair goes with the support frigates; a 2-flight team (10 ships) can disengage, race to the SV’s and be back into the action in moments while the assault frigates lay down flak. All fighters fixed up in moments.

If I was to guess, I think people are trying to play HWR like HW; in which overwhelming numbers of one ship type can suffice. I don’t think that works here; you need combined force with support and logistics in mind. I like that - it’s much more realistic IMO.

Oh - I WAS disappointed in the Interceptors’ performance; they were my mainstay but the Scout really seems to dominate if handled right. Backed up by the AF’s they simply shredded the Defenders.

On to Diamond Shoals; though I might go back and try for three DD’s first. :wink:



It’s very interesting to hear your point of view - from your first post I gather that you didn’t play HWRM before the big patch. Most of us here did, so that affects how we view things like balancing. I’m glad you are pleased with the game - I also love it, although I am yet to replay the HW1 campaign post patch.

Hallo Dom; thank you :slight_smile: All I can say is that must’ve been one heck of a patch, given what I’ve read and you’re absolutely right, I am new to the remaster and having a LOT of fun with it.

I’ve always chuckled a little bit because some of the ships I’ve used a lot are often described in strategy guides as useless (shrug) I suppose it’s a question of preference.
Case in point is the drone frigate; I get to find out how it works. In HW I generally constructed about a dozen and surrounded the Big Banana with it - they rip the Kadeshi to bits leaving me to mop up the fuel tanks for cash.

One thing that IS driving me ballistic is getting the damn strike craft back into the bloody Mothership; they insist on flying to every dockable ship except the bloody Banana. I really don’t want to retire my stolen Carrier and the SV’s are critical in this mission so I have to bring 'em all…in…one…at…a…time… Aargh! (It was fine in the Wastelands; just redirect any ship that decided to go somewhere else…but in the Garden? One bloody ship at a time. Ugh!)

Chuckle - still fun anyway and enjoying the update immensely. Cheers!


Why do you want them to dock with the mother ship specifically?

Because I like it when my pilots do what I tell them to. :wink: More seriously it’s a lot easier to keep the fighters organized for quick launch and reaction if I can send them in while maintaining formation.

It’s OK though; I figured it out - ‘D’ for dock; they hare off in all directions…then right-click on the ship you want them to land on and boom; in they go. Very nice; and a HUGE help in the Garden - the new Swarmers seem to be seriously upgraded over the originals. Smarter too - After I docked my harvesters and salvagers, my Drone ships were doing a fine job of keeping the little buggers at bay until they started taking damage. Support frigs come in… and the Kadeshi go STRAIGHT for them! It turned into quite an enjoyable, complicated fight; much more fun than the sit-back-and-watch-Swarmers-go-pop encounter of the original. The Salvs were seriously pressed dealing with the Multi-Beams as well; I wound up having to kill 'em rather than keep 'em. Thank God for Destroyers…without the heavies I’d have been in real trouble. :slight_smile: Biggest disappointment was the Inhibitor ships…did they forget to put crews and guns on 'em? 3 DD’s polished them off without effort; in the original I had to use bombers because the damn flying mushrooms kept head-butting my capital ships into oblivion. A bit of an anti-climax there, if you ask me.