How many FPS on a 1050ti-i5 7400-8GB RAM?

i dont care about the graphics,40-50 fps for me its perfect.(srry for the bad english,is not my language)

Borderlands 3 is an awesome game, BUT it has performance issues for MANY people. Even the consoles. Even pc with 2080 ti. It is possible you would not have these issues, but not likely.

A 1050 ti should be able to play this game at 1080p with medium settings, but no matter what settings, you might have stuttering. Just be aware of this before you buy and if you have issues, know that you are not alone and it is NOT the fault of your hardware.

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ok,thanks for the answer :wink:

If you buy it and want advice for what settings to use to make the game run as good as possible on your machine, post back here and I will try to help.

1050 ti + i5 7400 = 40-50 fps on medium @ 1920x1080

30-60 fps. Somewhere in that ballpark.