How many game play hours are we looking at?

I remember in one interview someone said it you just rush the story your looking at 30 ish hour of gp. Anyone know how many if you do all the side s and extra stuff in the game ???

We have nothing concrete. Like you said, the estimate for “main story + a few side quests” is around 30-35 hours. Paul Sage estimated it at 35ish hours per playthrough. But we don’t know anything about the amount of side content, only that they tried to fill every level and every area with stuff to do.

In addition to that there is the end game. We have seen glimpses of the Mayhem More, and they said that the end game is much more involved and much bigger than it was in the other games. That could mean anything though: Raid Bosses, Boss rushes, Enemy-waves a.s.o.

My guess from the other games is that the gameplay time will at least double if you do every side mission in the game, probably even more. So I assume that 70+ hours isn’t too far-fetched. And that’s not even talking about consecutive playthroughs. But even if it’s “just” 50 hours, that’s still only for the missions. The grind for loot is pretty much endless if you want it to be

Truthfully, it’ll probably differ from one player to the next.
I’d say 30-35 hours if you just run the storyline and a few sidequests as fast as possible. But, if you’re more inclined to take your time, probably 60+ for the same story line and few side missions.

Overall, I’d figure at least 100 hours for my first playthrough, maybe even more depending on the size of each area and how often I decide to farm one boss or another, and that’s not getting into the endgame or any NG+ type stuff.

Doesn’t much matter how long it’ll take, I’m beelining for every quest and all the loot I can find. I’m taking that opportunity each time I get off work, I’m just binging BL3, leveling my character with the skills I like faster then a psycho running at you with a buzzaxe.

I don’t know about BL3 but I have 1800 hours in BL2 for what is worth! Doc.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I try to look at all of my hours of gameplay. Mind you, the vagaries of aging do sneak up on one from time to time and inflict unwanted sleep status…

35-60 per play though is plenty for me. I kinda calculate it looking at the alternative time use:
If I wanted to rent 35 hours of prime theatrical movies, I’d be spending (at an average of $6 a movie) I’d be spending about $88. $2.50 per hour. So the cost of a game (to me) is much more value-per-dollar, say I take one character through all 3 difficulties fast at min of 35 hours, so 105 hours for a purchase price of $60, that’s 60 cents paid per hour of enjoyment.
And based on my past behavior, 1100 hours on Steam, somewhere north of 5,000 hours on Xbox, and whatever on PS4, the value per dollar of BL3 exceeds anything I can think of.

And as for playing, my first character in any game does everything that’s possible (quests that have two endings notwithstanding) so I expect my first BL3 playthorugh will be quite a few hours more than 30.

If you’re calculating based on price per hour of fun… you’re not doing it right.
Serially… I’ve got several games I put at least $60 into and played several times… whether I got my 60 cents per hour of fun or not makes no difference to me, so long as I have fun.

Thank you for letting me know I was enjoying the game wrong, I did not know that.(/sarcasm)

I was using this as an example for those who were interested in game playtime as a contrast to other things they may spend time and money on.

Me? Again, Steam says I’ve played for 1100 hours, my Xbox dashboard says I’ve played more than 8,000. Obviously the cash ratios aren’t significant there. And I’ve had a blast with games that have taken just 2 hours to play once, then never again.

For the original question, if the game play is 30-35 hours per play through that certainly seems more than enough to me, though I expect to invest another 5-10,000 hours myself.

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To be honest, the money-per-hour calculation is not ideal, but if you want to see if a game is worth it or not, then it is fine. It’s a superficial, but rational approach. Sure, a very short game that is absolutely breathtaking (insert meme here) can be more expensive per hour and still absolutely worth it, but when talking about any game of the length of Borderlands 3 or any RPG, then we are looking at a good deal in general. And it comes more down to “how much do I enjoy this game?”.

Even the average consumer that only plays halfway through the story once, gets a deal of roughly 4$/hour out of the game. That is still a good investment. And if you enjoy a game enough, then buying DLC can very well be worth it too.

I mean, people like me wouldn’t own 3 or 4 different versions of the same game if it wasn’t worth my money.

In the end it all comes down to if you like the game and do not regret buying it at the price you paid. And that’s independent from playtime and price paid.

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I usually don’t hurry up so it takes me about 100 hours :slightly_smiling_face:

Beat the story twice so far, and almost done all the side quests. I’ve been playing since release.

A full clear of the main story, with a fair amount of exploration and side questing brought my complete time to…maybe 40 hours. I could easily have spent 60. Then you have Mayhem, PG, farming and TVH.

Lots of gameplay here.

I agree with the “dollars per play hour” calculation in general.
I compare it to movies. Rent a movie, you’re paying $5 for 2-3 hours. Buy BL3, and even if you just do one playthrough you’re at 30-40 hours. So a movie is, say, $2 an hour, worst case and fastest playthrough BL3 is the same.
Of course if you do everything and play through multiple times your ratio is much better. I figure my ratio on BL2, for example, is about $0.02 per hour, huge value :slight_smile: