How Many Golden Keys can you carry with you?

Maybe this is already answered somewhere but I have not seen it.

How many keys can you hold or carry with you? I know they don´t expire.
I´m planning using mine on higher levels.
So Far I have saved 14 keys.

Peace out.

In Borderlands 2 the limit was 255 I think.

I noticed that when I tried to reclaim a weapon I got in the in-game mailbox, and my inventory was full, then I couldn’t, and got a message saying my inventory is full.

I expect (but obviously cannot guarantee) that this will happen with the keys as well, if you manage to redeem enough codes to go over the limit, you’ll just have to wait with the mails until you have room.

Though, don’t be like me in Borderlands 2 where I hoarded the keys forever. Spend the keys when you get over a certain threshold. I got into the habit of spending one key every 2-3 levels when I was leveling my last character in BL2, if I felt my gear started to fall behind.


Thank you for your response.
I will also follow your advice, maybe going to spend a key every 4 -5 levels. if needed.

Just read some other topics where they said the game throws good weapon to you, you don’t really need to use the keys. Save it for the last playthrough when youre highest lvl and enemy will shread through you. Then you will need every chance to get better gear. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Ill take it into account.

Yep, I was too stingy with my Golden Keys in BL2. I have 2 characters at level 80 and with legendary gear farms, you just didn’t need to use those keys anymore.

I have 75 unused Golden Keys in BL2.

I still haven’t used a golden key in BL3 and my character is level 25.

Good to have seen this thread, time to use up one of those keys in BL3.

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I’ve found that the best way to use Gold Keys is to obtain specific weapon upgrades or to bump up weapon power in early to mid-game playing. Say you’re level 20 but you haven’t found a decent sniper rifle for a while. Use a few Gold Keys to get a good sniper rifle. That sort of thing.

Saving them until the end game is really a waste. At that point you’re probably farming legendary gear which will be better than the purples you’ll get from the Gold Keys. In fact I’ve gotten into the habit of using 3 of them every 5-6 levels in early game just to make sure I’ve got strong gear and am not relying on weak weapons in the early part of the game. Late game they aren’t much use.

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And one more tid-bit;
I’ve cashed in one key to see what the experience was like in BL3.
The golden chest gave me 6 items. Not the one or two BL1 (now) and BL2 do, 6.
Pretty generous!

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Yep! Just used a golden key in BL3 last night and got 6 epic gear. Sold 5 of them though!

But I’m committed to using them more frequently :slight_smile: