How many hours do you have in your main character?

napalm-K, 17 days and counting xD

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I have over 30 days on my Siren.

I’ve not played any of my Original 6 lately as I have been concentrating on the newbies- I think Sal is still the leader at over 23 days and counting…

I main Axton and I played him almost exclusively for two years. I switched to Zer0 the past few months and already managed to stack up over 9 days of playtime with him. Anyway, my Axton time: 26 days, 5 hours, 38 minutes and 54 seconds. Total: 629 hours, 38 minutes.

I gotta say, I’m curious what people do in the game to have spent so much time playing it. Farming?

To a certain degree, yes. Also running thru Digistruct Peak, doing Prestige challenges, eridium farming, Torgue token farming, etc…

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My 1st ever character axton has ~750 hours or a little leas then half my hours in the game

Farming, killing raid bosses, trying new builds and loadouts, runs of DigiPeak, helping other people get to OP8 or teaching them how to kill raid bosses. Just playing in general.

56 days and counting on Zer0.

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On the Xbox 360, my former main console, I have Maya sitting at 15 days and 8 hours.
On the PS4 it’s 13 days and 17 hours so combining these we get 697~ hours. With PC that estimate reaches over 700~.
Salvador comes second with 340~ hours total, even though I don’t like him that much, he’s just too good at his job.

Sometimes I wonder how I even managed that.

I have 4 at OP8 now, 1 at OP4. Still haven’t gotten bored! Peak runs, farming, random zone clears/mobbing, working through soloing the Invincibles (Pete, Hyperius, Craw down with Axton, Maya, and Sal… Also Dragons down with Sal, and working on Vora), running arenas, trying to get ‘perfect’ guns, and I usually have a reset on 1/3 of Sal, Maya, or Axton, so recycling the story, as well.

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Maya is at 32 days and Axton is at 24.

26 days with Axton. First and favorite character. Side note : Its Krieg worth it? I’ve played the other 5 characters.

Yes, if only to hear his monologues…

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