How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

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As the title says, the question is:
How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

I’ll start: Approximately ~8000 hours :sunglasses:


Lost count.

But played it exclusively for 2 years, across 3 platforms.


I’m close to 2000, but 8000 that’s insane. How have not lost interest?

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I’m at ~4700 hours. I haven’t lost interest because the game is, literally, everything I ever wanted in a FPS. I get the variety by way of the rule set I use which forces me to use the widest variety of gear possible across four pairs (plus Salvador) of Vault Hunters, who also have rules about how different their builds must be, and each of whom plays a specific allegiance (which adds another dimension to the gameplay). This, combined with the OP system that lets me dial in the difficulty very finely, UVHM which lets me reset missions, all the DLC content that’s available, and my tendency to look for unique ways to play the game on top of all this mean that it’s incredibly rare that I wind up doing the same thing twice.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I use a spreadsheet to randomly choose which character and map to play, which gives me (with 71 different maps and 9 characters) over 600 different combinations. This doesn’t include TPS too, which I consider largely the same.


678 Hours for me. I’m kind of shocked - I was thinking maybe I was playing more than most! Have to say it’s the most engaging game I’ve every played, though I’m spending more solo time in TPS lately.


PS3 - ?
PC - 470

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Simply put, because Borderlands 2 has so much replayability.
Then there’s also Handsome Jack. Be it video games, cartoons, movies, books, pretty much anything, Handsome Jack is by far my favorite villain, and that’s why i hope Borderlands 3 will have a good villain as well. Sadly i already know he/she can’t beat Handsome Jack no matter who the villain is :c

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Been playing for over three years across two consoles. Currently I apparently have around 30 days of playing time on multiple characters but I have tons of time on a previous console. Where I had fully developed characters that were levelled up single player and all the items were legitimately farmed

i have 4.2 thousand hours across 3 characters (krieg,maya,axton)… never got any of the 3 other characters past lv20 XD… my krieg has 3 thousand hours alone and his chalenges are prestige 15 lol… my bar is 39% all across and legit… if i was to start a new character hed kinda be op in nvhm lol

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I have at least 6000+ that I have on one platform

I have prob matched your hours if I count the other platforms as well and recently I have started again. so I do not know exact count. but I would say 8000 across 4 platforms would be reasonable as well.

I posted this info on a while back in response to this same question. Just be aware that this info is a month or more old and doesn’t include just over 30 mules:
The time is given in a days/hours/minutes/seconds format

Element Zero (Zero)- 2:10:55:24
Reverend Pain (Sal)- 2:06:23:31
Fero Krakjowski (Sal)- 23:16:01:34
Zeromass (Zero)- 16:08:00:31
Memeemee (Krieg)- 17:06:56:20
Mack Hammer (Axton)- 18:04:58:59
Liae Deathshot (Maya)- 18:09:04:20
Boom Boom Jacks (Gaige)- 13:15:17:21 This is my second Gaige- the first was accidentally deleted while trying to moonshot farm the Warrior by use of a memory stick)


Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t even wanna know. Just my main Zer0 is bad enough, I have like 54 days on him. Then there’s also an OP8 Maya with 19-20 days, Gaige with 10-11, Krieg with 3-4, Axton with 2-3, plus some level 72’s…

I’d rather not know the truth lol.


I will simply say this… More!

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Wow I know bl2 is one of the best games ever and that I play it a lot, but some of these numbers are blowing my mind.

I made something similar a little bit ago and welcomed the BL2 posts…but here is just as good. :blush:

Just checked on my Xbox and my numbers are… Surprisingly low, for someone who’s been playing this game non-stop for over two years. Seeing some of the numbers being thrown around here made me think I had more hours in the bank. It’s either my numbers that are too low or everyone else’s that are insanely high. Anyway, these are my hours:

AXTON: 26 days, 5 hours, 38 minutes and 54 seconds. Total: 629 hours, 38 minutes.
ZER0: 9 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes and 16 seconds. Total: 232 hours, 42 minutes.

That makes it 862 total hours of actual gameplay across both characters that I’ve been exclusively dedicated to all of this time. According to my very poor math skills, that translates roughly to a little over an hour every day for two years. So I guess it isn’t as bad as it looks.

I think last time I tried to figure it out it was around 4K hours between xbox and pc

Ye have little faith. LOL Trust in Gearbox. :innocent:

I’m with @0v33t1 Handsome Jack set the bar so high it will be really hard to top him.

I have no doubt bl3 will have a great villain but I don’t think it will be Jack great.


I hope you’re wrong @Derch. I can’t believe I just said that. :astonished:

Each installment has added to the franchise/universe that is Borderlands. I see no reason to think Gearbox is going to fall flat on BL3 after having such success, in my eyes.

(I hope)BL3 will bring an unexpected twist to the story. I think what’s to come is going to be EPIC! And if it’s anything of what I think it might be. We’re going to be turned upside down with what we know and believe, the “curtain” if you will, will be raised to show “behind the scene’s” and who(or maybe it’s many) that is the villain.

I can’t wait! :smile: