How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

(Betelman) #181

2,741 hrs

(Carlton Slayer) #182

Since this is on console the time played doesn’t break down into total hours but this is what I have so far- the breakdown is in days:hours:minutes:seconds:

First, the guys from my 360 days (where I have a 100% completion rate):
Liae Deathshot (Maya)- 18:10:56:57
Boom Boom Jacks (Gaige)- 13:16:24:14
Zeromass (Zero, aka my original XBox GT)- 16:09:01:08
Memeemee (Krieg)- 17:08:04:05
Mack Hammer (Axton)- 18:05:39:52
Fero Krakjowski (Sal)- 25:02:00:15
Boom Boom is my 2nd Gaige on the 360- lost the first trying to do the USB file stick save and swap for farming the Warrior and screwed it up- I could see the file on the USB stick but the game couldn’t read it to use it. Got so pissed I immediately created a new Gaige and played only her until I reached level 72 again.

These are the VH created on THC on my XBox One:
Dee Lightful (Maya)- 6:22:42:55
Queen Scream (Gaige)- 8:23:37:00
Lord of Death (Zero)- 9:04:35:43
Ultimate Krieg!! (Krieg)- 6:07:05:48
Mike Irons (Axton)- 6:03:11:45
Reverend Pain (Sal)- 12:04:22:34

Next two are the Axton I use to co-op with friends and the Zero I use to hunt skins & heads:
Cowboy Mess- 15:46:44 and Element Zero- 6:01:06:08

These are the mules that have reached Liar’s Berg in TVHM:

  1. Da’ War Dog (Axton)- 10:45:45
  2. Minus Man (Zero)- 10:31:29
  3. Lilly Bytes (Gaige)- 13:20:57
  4. Dr. Salvador (Sal)- 9:32:12
  5. Alex Du Charles (Axton)- 11:27:41
  6. Alien Z (Zero)- 10:16:41
  7. Sarge Steel (Axton)- 11:45:18
  8. Big Salle (Sal)- 18:21:13
  9. Lucky Meme (Sal)- 11:07:19
  10. Eternity (Zero)- 10:57:55
  11. Tuesday Kills (Maya)- 12:11:41
  12. 2x6 Gaige (Gaige)- 10:24:26
  13. Iron Wizardress (Gaige)- 10:52:28
  14. DJX (Krieg)- 12:30:53
  15. Alexander Brave (Axton)- 11:13:34
  16. Iris Blaze (Gaige)- 12:08:44
  17. Max Murder (Zero)- 23:55:24
  18. Zack Handsome (Axton)- 1:10:39:47
  19. Sammy Squash (Krieg)- 13:14:48
  20. MILK DUDZS! (Krieg)- 20:18:48
  21. Wee Willie (Sal)- 17:57:43
  22. El Salvador (Sal)- 9:29:31
  23. Baby BOOM! (Gaige)- 22:24:24
  24. Silent Fox (Maya)- 12:42:46
  25. Brawn-E (Sal)- 18:23:35
  26. Deathwish (Krieg)- 12:21:28

My next mule to finish normal will be a Maya named Salacious Smiles- slightly less than half way done with the mules to TVHM thing (so long as I don’t create any more that is…).

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #183

Do you have some specific combat mechanic that is just wonderful to throw at Buzzards? Each of my characters does, and that is the only other Torgue challenge that I purposefully seek out because it’s fun (Pete’s Bar is the other). The race is repetitive, and I really want to like the Arena, but the time restriction doesn’t let me really sink my teeth into the combat (I’d rather it was like a Torgue Slaughter).

Yeah, I play almost every day, if only for a single half-hour missions sometimes, but that’s some dedication right there.

(Best in Funk's collection) #184

Here’s that character list…

(In the cloud, No one knows what you're wearing...) #185


I only have two characters.

(Is this thing on?) #186

Only three at 72? Or did someone miss a page?

(Best in Funk's collection) #187

Heh, I don’t think that’s all of them, but I think those probably are the 72 ones. I know TVHM is this guy’s favourite mode.

(Carlton Slayer) #188

When it comes to having a lot of characters I think the two of us might have issues a lot in common :smile:


I did it! I’m a real nerd!


(Best in Funk's collection) #190

I think I’ve got less than 50 to go before I hit 5000 :grin:


I feel…like an underachiever :tired_face:

(Best in Funk's collection) #192

I recommend doing a PhD, it’ll work like a charm

Though thinking about it that may be shifting the sense of underachievement elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #193

Lol I have 1,000 on just sal, and then i have like 200 with siren and then 400 with psycho, but by far my favorite character is sal


^ This. If I had to guess well over 3,000 hours split between; XBOX 360, XBOX One and PC. With the bulk of it being on XBOX 360.

(RavenOfArisia) #195

Lots! My Xbox dashboard shows 7,300 hours (more than 3 million shots fired) and I also play on PS4 and Steam, so put me at about 8,500 hours. This is not really unusual, I’ve been obsessing with video games before most of you were born, starting with 2,000 hours on Wizardry on my Apple ][ in 1981.
Still interested because it’s still challenging, I can still do things a little better. And each new character I bring up (I have more than 100 characters across the platforms) is a fun experience.
And maybe I’ll even try co-op someday…

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #196

You might want to foolproof this…
Remember Space Invader arcade cabinet? I do.
And I’m pretty sure I’m not an exception here…

(RavenOfArisia) #197

I did say “most” not “all”. I don’t expect a lot of 60+ year old players here like me, but might be quite wrong.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #198

You’re certainly a" wise among us". But born we were. :wink:
For a good part…

(Carlton Slayer) #199

I’ll be 60 next month- keep the seat warm for me, will ya? :grin:

(RavenOfArisia) #200

It’s a wonderful thing. You’re (we’re) close to paying for DLC with Social Security!