How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

Yeah I know what you are saying its just the Bl2 is such a masterpiece that I just assume bl3 will be better.

I have no doubts that bl3 will be great and great in a different way but few games come close to what bl2 did and thats not easy to top.

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Me neither, not with Borderlands franchise (looking at you, Battleborn :rage:) but for Borderlands 3 to have better villain than Jack, it requires minimum of 5 geniuses just to create a personality for that character :no_mouth:

I concur…

For me, its a must. It HAS to top BL2.

If it can’t, it needs to be uniquely different so that it’s hard to compare the two. That would make it justifiable, imo.

Thanks for chiming in @Derch. It’s nice to see a COMMUNITY BADASS join in. :slight_smile:

on a side note: I miss your borderlands vids. I still go through them from time to time. :acmaffirmative:

I’m going to get back to them but right now I work 8-5 then go home get dinner play BB until 9:30, make a video and go to bed.

Its a grind of love and joy for BB.

I compare it to bands making that perfect album and never really topping it again. BL2 to me might be that where the franchise will always be good but topping BL2 for me seems really hard. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see it happening that easily.

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I would agree with this. I can’t imagine it being an easy task. But i feel like we’ve scratched the surface with where the story line could take us.

I can see that part getting better, they have built a very interesting universe that keeps getting better.

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i might be totaly wrong but i think the next villain might be some sort of galactical conqueror… thats based on the pre-sequel end scee with the “eridian or whatever that is”… totaly may be wrong thats just my best bet

Btw you can look to see how many hours you have on bl2 on ps3, just have to use 2 controllers, it says it when you load a character in co op. Also to smswer I have 43plus total days, so a bit over 1000 hours :slight_smile:

My playtime per characters:

Axton- 15 days, 20 hours, 25 minutes
Gaige- 10 days, 17 hours, 23 minutes
Salvador- 9 days, 11 hours, 08 minutes
Zer0- 3 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes
Krieg: 1 days, 22 hours, 56 minutes
Maya: 18 hours, 23 minutes
Co-op Sal- 1 hours, 01 minutes

If I did my math correctly, that is around 1017 hours of playtime.

If that will be the case the new villain is destined to suck…

i mean not necessarly but he wouldnt have the depth that jack has… especially because of tps we really know jack and understand. anyways its just a theory i might be tottaly wrong but gearbox said the next borderlands would be massive. and with what that eridian warrior says, i rly think it would make sense

Yeah, it would make sense, but if the villain would be like that, i think his/her personality would be extremely boring…

I agree that the next antagonist is going to either have to do something special or get so much depth into them to even compete with Jack.

Jack is a very good antagonist but personally I am sick of seeing him. He was milked and now he needs to go away to make the series move on into a greater direction. I do not think that the next antagonist will compete with Jack but more do to the fact that at this point BL fans have over hyped jack so much and we just love him nothing will be better in our eyes. Honestly it would not surprise me if the next one is actually better than jack but we just refuse to see it.

I think the next villain won’t be better than Jack, he/she/it will be just different (and that’s assuming Jack is really dead).

Anyway, I’ve been playing borderlands since January and I spent 115 hours in BL1, enough to kill Crawmerax with Lilith, and 790 hours in BL2, but it’s just the beginning.

Wait you can really do that in co op? If so I know what I’m doing the next time I get on :laughing:

Well… 403 hours which is kinda sad compared to all of these other hours lmao.

I would play longer if my laptop didn’t freak out on me, and if I had tons of time. Guess I just gotta keep playing! Me and my sister are still going at UVHM which is a pain but we can do it.

I wish I had the time to play as much as I actually do. MASSIVE procrastination :smiley: My living fear is that my phd supervisor will somehow discover my steam account and hence my hours… I’m careful to never mention my profile name or details on any social network we share


I have a lot to do too o ops. I’m supposed to be doing stuff for a school diploma and then I have webcomics to do, pages to run… And then I have a bad memory and a short attention span so w elp. And yeah I’m just hoping some people don’t see my hours and judge me by it rip.

I’m too lazy to add all this up, so I’ll just list the times on all of my characters, in the order they appear currently on the character select screen.

Gaige: 9:19:21:46
Krieg: 9:20:04:57
Salvador: 13:12:08:35
Maya: 32:13:17:47
Zer0: 8:22:21:03
Axton: 7:17:34:33

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^Nice! :grin: