How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

One easy solution to give that new guy more depth: More cutscenes/cinematics to show better the personality of the characters!
Would be funny to see some epic “Independence Day”-like cutscene to show the power of the armies the new villain would/should have to command. The new villain should be so overpowered, that the only thing to say would be just “wow”.

Maya - almost 3 weeks
Gaige - 10 days
Axton - 5 days
2nd Maya - over 20 hours, I guess

and I don’t care about my Zer0 and Sal, because I don’t like to play as them.

I have almost 900 hours and I’ve spend like 200 or even more hours on yt, twitch streams and wikia/forum watching/learning about Borderlands in general.

I dunno, I need BL3 to tie in heavily story-wise with the previous offerings - I think we all do - but the foundation for gunplay and procedural generation is already so very solid that a complete overhaul of the mechanics would feel like a big risk.

Part of the reason I say that is that if there’s one area where GBX do not absolutely shine it tends to be scaling game mechanics. Although I obviously want new game elements it could make for an unnecessarily bumpy road if they remade everything.
In asking for at least a decent amount of unoriginality and ‘more of the same’ I’m being a complete franchise fanboy, and proud of it.

Also, I’d be happier if they focused their efforts on new environments and a bigger universe with reasonably consistent mechanics for old and new Vault Hunters alike to romp around in - and where there would be a broader scope for the story to tie them together across the VH ‘generations’.

It’s very rare for the stars to align as they did in BL2, and I hope they play fully to that game’s strengths while letting their originality, their main talent, steer the course.

(To answer the thread’s question it’s somewhere between 4.5 and 5K hours on all characters on Ps3 and PC. I could probably have learned a new language or made a good start on learning a second musical instrument in that time. I regret nothing.)


I wouldn’t mess with this at all. I agree, the mechanics are heavily embedded into the gameplay. That should not change, as the feel of the game would be completely different. That isn’t what I was talking about. I was talking about the storyline. Which has nothing to do with the mechanics of the game. [quote=“cioran, post:43, topic:1485285”]
I’m being a complete franchise fanboy, and proud of it.
You are not alone. :blush:

^Yes, this right here.

I agree with this as well. Borderlands is becoming a “thing” for me. It has its own universe and I would love for that to be expanded upon. The stars did align with this game/franchise thus far. Its an extremely popular game that appeals to a very broad and large fan base/demographic.

Keep up the great work Gearbox! :acmaffirmative:

How do you know? I play PS3. I’m curious now.

1460 hours total… I guess kinda medium. I kinda came late and missed the heyday of 3-4 years ago.

Still haven’t seen some things though. Have not yet seen Triple-O (am planning to start farming for him in earnest soon actually) and there are a very few weapons I have not used or seen yet (Twister obviously, plus some others like the Interfacer.) My highest character is only OP6 so while I have seen and done in OMGWTH (kind of anticlimactic actually… he wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought he might be) I have not yet have had the joy of facing double Saturns, hehe.

Have never seen a legendary item in a vending machine, other than the Torgue machines obviously. :slight_smile:

Only lacking the Twister, ogre and Hawkeye myself so I’m with you there. Hope you not only find a legendary in a vending machine (I’ve done it 3 times, once in BL1) but that you also get the rare ‘legendary from a pot’ in the Tiny Tina dlc…:sunglasses:

I actually have a Twister! OP7, but that is close enough to 8 to count for me. It was on my 10th or so OOO kill.

I was lucky as balls.

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Yeah I’ve found plenty of legendaries in vending machines in BL1… once even a double! (Item of the day, plus one with the regular items). Found quite a few in TPS’s machines as well (along with the blue uniques that were shift-code only pre-patch).

I actually got one from a pot in Tiny TIna’s… a WTF shield, but oh well it counts. :slight_smile:

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Yeah in bl1 legendarys could spawn in machines as non items of the day, it was great.

Don’t have my 360 stats but since picking up THC in November I have:

72 Gaige 11:20:40:18
7 Nurse Maya (coop w nephew) 1:02:43 need to get him back on
72 Maya 3:12:15:13
24 Axton 10:42:35
40 Zer0 1:08:11:55
12 Kreig 4:22:38

And a Sal I started with under an hour
I tried but I just don’t like him, so it goes

Some other fun stats I found on my profile
Time played: 25d 1h 7m, guess I have a lot of idle time
1,348,004 shots fired
80,309 kills
1,509 legendaries found

Didn’t know you could see stats like what you have in your last paragraph in your profile- now I’m curious to what mine looks like…:relaxed:

post em up!!

How do you find the stats in your last paragraph?

Go to your Xbox profile, tab over to ‘Achievments’, then scroll down to BL2 or whatever you want to check
Press A and it’ll bring up a little stat sheet

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Here’s what I have:
Legendary items found- 3037
Shots fired- 2,037,724
Time played: 21 days, 18 hrs, 9 min (not counting last night or the individual times of the characters- just the time spent playing THC)
Kills- 59, 045
Total items found- 123,196
Challenges completed- 655

Not sure if these numbers include what I did on the 360 or not…

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Im fairly certain the 360 and One versions are treated as totally different games, all the achievements and such counted as new on THC and the 360 version appears elsewhere on that screen.

If I had to make a prediction, I’d say I have 4 million+ shots fired and 1000 legendarys found

That’s crazy, are the stat lists exclusive to the Xbox versions?

It would be interesting to see the shots to kills ratio for players who main different characters.

11 in-game days of spray and pray is certainly higher by a significant margin than someone who plays more sniper Zer0