How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

(Gskdmk) #61

I only started BL2 about 18 months ago:

BL1, all toons lvl 69 729 hours
BL2, all toons OP8 1437 hours
TPS, Nisha lvl 70, rest 48, 258 hours
BB, 4 toons master, 267 hours

(mannyhorwitz) #62

I’m not sure how many hours but I just want to say (my name is manny, and I play borderlands"

This game is a like a drug/alcohol addiction, its all about getting that max high getting to op8 and once that happens, it gets worse!

(Cadet50118) #63

two platforms Xbox 360 and PC so I don’t know. I do know its a lot of time.

(Master of Eeveelution) #64

I was just going to make this thread lol. I’m currently over 4,000, but I recently deleted my trash characters so I’ve got no way to keep track anymore (PS4)

The only reason it’s so low is because of The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 1, and Battleborn. All Gearbox titles though so I think that’s acceptable.

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #65

1,036 hours for me but I am my own worst enemy. I only use Jakobs which skews me to a select few characters, that and I rarely play with others.

One day I will become active in BL2 again but not for a while.

(Berserker) #66

No idea on the exact number, but a lot.

Same. The BL series is something I always end up going back to eventually.

(In the cloud, No one knows what you're wearing...) #67

I have played over 183 hours of Borderlands 2.
It is currently my most played game on Steam. (Not counting SFM.)

(Best in Funk's collection) #68

Steam has me logged at 3492 hours, I’ve no doubt more will come and I’ll eventually overtake @Adabiviak (who has a better commitment to working than I do). :grin: A lot of my playtime isn’t active though, I hate to be reset to the start of the map so I often leave the game idle. I also find this makes work easier as I can dip into it for a few minutes every hour (although it’s easy to let those breaks lengthen…). I’m still terrified my supervisor will discover my steam account though, I’d be done for.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #69

I don’t think there’s a game played clock on the PS3 for BDL2 but it’s somewhere between “way too much” according to my wife and “not nearly enough” when I look at my 5 characters level. (From 27 to OP1)


Then I got an idea. An awful idea. I had a wonderful, awful idea

To clarify : installing Steam and BL2 on my work computer ; not burning you @hattieinduni

BTW - I think I’m around 1600 hrs?
Edit - man , here’s me padding my resume. 1332 hours BL2. 245 hours TPS. And impossible to know BL1 but guessing 500-700 hours.

(Carlton Slayer) #71

She could always ask him if he wants to experience a lootsplosion- but he might get the wrong idea…:smile:


I think my combined time on both PS3 and PC probably falls between 1000 and 1500 hours but it’s impossible to say for sure. I’m closing in on 500 h on PC.


I don’t have an exact number due to past character files getting corrupted etc. but I’ve played this game nonstop since the day of release all the way up to Battleborn’s release, so I’d assume that is a crap ton of hours into it.

(Best in Funk's collection) #74

Signs I’ve played too much: last night I dreamt I was in an archaeological dig site and uncovered a perfect parts Twister. It was an incredibly happy moment.

(Johnrr6) #75

3621 Hours according to Steam.

But maybe 20% of that is idle time with the game open.

So I am thinking about 2500 hours give or take.

But this is over 4 years…

I really do have another life…kinda…LOL

(Johnrr6) #76

She lives!!!

Haven’t seen you online Hattie…in a while!

For heaven’s sake…you are keeping normal English hours now?

Us Yanks were worried.

(Best in Funk's collection) #77

JOHN!! hehehe.

I have been on a rough alternation between working, checking whether or not Trump has blown the world up yet, and napping :stuck_out_tongue: All been a bit stressful, but I have booked a holiday and am planning to get back into bl2 coop soon as well. How is Zer0?

(Johnrr6) #78

Excellent!! Zer0 stated out squshy as hell…then finally got Death Mark and Death Blossom…

and some better gear and he turned out just peachy. Have enjoyed him a lot.

Looking forward to your return and good luck!!

P.S. We all kinda worry about the President. He is either going to go down as totally unique and did a lot…or a total disaster. There is not going to be any mediocrity about him one way or another methinks. No middle ground on him.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #79

Apparently 1100 hours.

More commonly known as not enough! :smiley:

(Best in Funk's collection) #80

We must try some Zer0 / Axton play… I am slowly getting to grips with Axton! Have managed to get Master Gee pinned down to a tee, which is great. Would relish some coop with an expert.

I am anticipating both, with a big global BOOM :bomb: :grin: Sorry, I must stop derailing threads with nuclear disasters… rest assured Trump is providing us all with plenty of entertainment!