How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

(Johnrr6) #81

Master Gee? Hattie you will have to show me…I have NEVER done well at that fight since level 61.

At 80 I beat him by getting him to absorb 3 pools…then running for my life around and around the arena for almost 20 minutes…till he finally kicked the bucket.

Not exactly fun.

(Berserker) #82

That sums up that raid quite nicely.

(Best in Funk's collection) #83

Well, I was doing it at OP3 (which is where I play solo) so less of an emphasis on healthgating, which does make it a bit easier.

But, I just used singularity grenades and turrets to trap him into pools - never actually firing at Gee himself. I have to use the acid pools to get his shield down in the first place, and I do to get rid of his health too (though at OP8 I may have to use more firepower). Solo, I just take it very very slowly, with a Big Boom Blaster, 0.0 fuse time longbow singularity, and 2 turrets, to keep pulling him into the centre of acid pools until he absorbs them and slowly disintegrates…

(Johnrr6) #84

And he drops crap too…

Well…there is the Ahab which is NICE with the Flakker swap.

But that’s about it. The Acid mechanic is just lazy methinks.

That whole fight could have been waaaay more interesting.

Pirates climbing out of caves…
Ability to use a sand skimmer
Kill Gee and a super worm appears with a guaranteed drop…


(Best in Funk's collection) #85

I completely agree here. I really like that it’s not a regular ‘pound with as much firepower as you can’ fight, but there could have been much more variety.

(Johnrr6) #86

The fair maiden describes me to a tee…

Real world as well…

(Berserker) #87

Which is why I don’t bother with him anymore. I’ve killed him enough for one lifetime.

(J.P.Sullivan) #88

Often thought about checking how long I’ve spent in the Borderlands, this thread might just make me push the answer for that one! :thinking:

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #89

Hmm if you include the first game, TPS, TFTB on Steam alone that gives me another 250 hours!

No idea how long I spent on BL1 before I had the Steam version though…

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #90

Since I started playing BL2 again and am recording I will start racking up more hours, might one day break 2,000 hours if I don’t get burnt out too bad.

(Jake) #91

A little late to the party but I thought I would still share!
I have now only got two characters, after finding that all others than Zer0 and Krieg were not as fun.
Zer0@ 127:15:34:10
Krieg@ 112:01:01:52

With my other characters, I will say around 60 days-50 of which came from Sal.
So my total is around 7176 hours.
I have endless fun with melee builds but keep myself occupied with resetting my UVHM Progress as well as resetting BAR Challenges when I can!

Currently sitting at just under 470k BAR, but I will throw in the towell at 500k :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeez, what kind of buffs do you get from BAR at that rank?

(Jake) #93

I tend to play with BAR off anyway because you can actually “perfect your build” by using good gear and so BAR is not a necessity!
My stats are at +38% on average which gives you a significant advantage and, for me, makes it less enjoyable. I enjoy gaining BAR and that’s kind of all it serves a purpose for!

Where are you at?


A bit over 100k. I play with both BAR on and off. Usually I enjoy the little advantage it brings but on the otherhand it’s putting me on a different level from the base character. Anyway I was just curious what kind of numbers you get with that amount.

(Master of Eeveelution) #95

That’s like, 11.5 years LOL

(Jake) #96

Hey bruh, he is on about his BAR :wink: Not playtime haha!

(Master of Eeveelution) #97


(Legendary Lunatic) #98

I honestly don’t know. I played the crap out of it on 360. Then on PC. Now on Xbox One. I’d say easily 3000 hours.

But wierdly i’m not bored yet, because there are characters that I never really bothered with, like Axton and Krieg. I’m using Krieg now and it’s honestly like a new game all over again :slight_smile:


oh well … seems like somethin is wrong with me but i never was addict to a game like borderlands, especially bl2 … spent kilos of hours in this game and received literally every weapon BUT i never saw vermivorous after 1.8.4 patch. farmed her for weeks summer last year but i accepted it … she will not spawn on solo mode (ever uvhm)

(Legendary Lunatic) #100

I didn’t think Vermi spawned in solo ever? Am I wrong?