How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

(Berserker) #101

He does, very rarely.

(Legendary Lunatic) #102

Oh, I stand corrected then. I didn’t imagine it though right, at the start of the game you couldn’t? Or was that just lies?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #103

not true. I have spawn Vermi solo plenty of times.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #104

The spawn rate has been increased since game release. It still takes patience, but it can be done.

Here: not solo, but we(as in myself and some co-op buddies) like to spawn Vermi regularly.

(Berserker) #105

You and your Borderlands luck! :acmlol:

I’ve never been able to get that spawn.

(Legendary Lunatic) #106

Well you learn something new every day, thanks for the info.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #107

Take a look. Solo…

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #108

Are you on xb1, AMG? If so, I’d be happy to invite you along. Its a blast. I have some new footage with @FunkJunkie helping out with his Siren on the last Vermi spawn we had.

On another note: how bout them 9’ers?! looking forward to this season. So happy with the changes they’ve made recently. I’m hoping for a much better season this year.

(Berserker) #109

PS4, but thanks for the offer.

Me too man, me too.


hmm okay, seems to be luck. i saw around 50 ultimate varkids which have not evolved -and this sample only comes from the farmhouse tundra express (prefered location, but the nat. selection annex also not worked). it really annoys me cause i received every norfleet from hyperius but i want that axton head bone blinder =(

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #111

that is why I continually spawn Vermi. I want all her heads/skins. I have a few…but keep getting the Superfly head for Sal. I have gotten that damn head about 5 times now. lol

I prefer the Farmhouse/Tundra Express. But my last spawn was in Caustic Caverns. I float inbetween those two maps for Vermi spawning. I know of other locations, but those are my “go-to’s”.

(Has an extensive er-otter-ca collection) #112

I’ll have to check that out, hopefully you got me trying to res and be useful and not just running away from badasses

OT, unsure total time but my Mechro was over 17 days play time last I checked

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #113

Yes, maybe you didn’t see my “edit” in the “what you did most recently in BL2” thread. here you go. Someone is CONTRIBUTING! LOL

On Topic: a lot! :slight_smile:

(Carlton Slayer) #114

Given in the order of days:hours:minutes:seconds here goes from new guys to the veterans. Also, my OP8 Gaige is version 2.0- accidentally screwed the save file of the first one when moonshot farming the Warrior by trying to do the flash drive thing. Don’t know how much time I spent on her :pensive:

Reverend Pain (aka Sal)- 7:15:13:34 (this was before I played him last night)
Lord of Death (aka Zero)- 5:23:03:03
Ultimate Krieg (aka Krieg)- 3:11:28:10
Queen Scream (aka Gaige)- 3:10:39:27
Dee Lightful (aka Maya)- 3:19:31:16
Mike Irons (aka Axton)- 4:17:29:59
Element Zero (aka Zero)- 6:00:51:23

And now the OP8 guys:
Mack Hammer (aka Axton)- 18:05:10:56
Fero Krakjowski (aka Sal)- 24:20:51:58
Memeemee (aka Krieg)- 17:07:40:53
Boom Boom Jacks (aka Gaige 2.0)- 13:16:04:04
Liae Deathshot (aka Maya)- 18:09:14:10
Zeromass (aka Zero)- 16:08:21:23

Not counting any mules as they’re there just to hold stuff…

(Moira Burns) #115

Oh wow…I honestly wasn’t sure how many hours I had put into this amazing game.

Before I checked I was thinking I had at least placed 600 hours onto my PC and about 300 on my consoles. But I was completely off, 2000 on PC, 1000 on consoles, I’m kinda proud!

(Legendary Lunatic) #116

Impressive! You should be proud. Few games, especially current ones that insist on online only and all that other boring stuff, offer such value for money as this series has. I STILL play Borderlands 2 and honestly don’t feel any more likely to stop playing it now after almost 5 years as I did at the start. I hope BL3 is just as addictive and avoids all the pitfalls most modern games fall foul of.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #117

…cleared the 5K mark recently.

(Legendary Lunatic) #118

I started playing on Xbox One a couple of weeks ago when I started a new Krieg. I’m now on 260 hours just on this console… ignoring the PC and Xbox 360 where most of my playtime was in a previous and current life…

(Best in Funk's collection) #119

Nice job :upside_down:

I passed 3600 a while back. Deceptive though, I’ve left it idle for long periods quite a bit lately (I need to develop better habits of not building up running programmes and tabs on my computer… but it bears the weight fairly well, and it’s nice not to have to restart maps between work/napping).

Still so much left to do on Pandora…

(Carlton Slayer) #120

Sheesh- and I though the Civilization series was addictive :grin: