How many hours have you played Borderlands 2?

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Dude! you are ruining my “sandbagging” attempt.

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That’s my PhD programme right there…


That’s a fairly dramatic uptick in hours since I last remember you reporting ~3000 hours.

Anyways, since I’m here :

I actually have had a lot more than this in BL1, but my first copy of the game was not Steam-based (it may have been illegitimate - I can’t remember) and didn’t transfer my characters when I got the current copy from Steam. In total I’m guessing around 600-700 hours :




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Hmm… checking back on this thread I was at 4000 about a year ago, so that’s… well I was going to say not that bad, but it’s still 10% of the entire year :laughing: I’m not playing nearly as much as I was at my peak though; I was doing a lot of coop at one point and mostly on American hours (@Gulfwulf and @johnrr6 led me astray!!)

Now that I’m at my parents’ house I can’t stay up late on mic (they go to bed at ridiculously early hours like 10pm). And I suppose I should try and finish my thesis at some point soon…

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I really should add up my hours some time. Or not - there are some things it’s better to NOT know!

Sounds like an excellent video game character…

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Perhaps the next Left 4 Dead will take place in Moscow? “Hey- is Lenin’s corpse- moving?”

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Here are mine:

I know, Not impressive.

And this is coming from someone who’s only played 60 hours of Overwatch and 31 hours of Battleborn.


What achievements are you missing after almost 5000 h :open_mouth:

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I’m at pitiful ~225 hours for BL2, though ~200 of those came in the last two month or so when I picked up the game again.

I put hours and hours into BL1 as well, but not sure how many as I played it on PS3. I may play it again since I picked it up on Steam a while back on sale.

Nothing on TPS, as I haven’t played it yet aside from to enter Shift codes. Too busy having fun with BL2.

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None. :sunglasses:

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I’m missing 25 achievements in BL2, 27 in BL1 and 41 in TPS.

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I “ended” my bl2 career at nearly 4000. 4000 hours and i was still only a slightly above average player lol

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I think it’s the ‘all torgue missions’ and ‘all hammerlock missions’. (I’m not an achievement chaser). Maybe with another few thousand hours…

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I’m only missing 2 achievements, the all Torgue missions one (couldn’t be bothered to do the optional rounds of the buzzard thing in the Forge but I think actually I’ll go knock those out) and the “level 1 challenges with one character” one probably because of some co-op BAR stuff I’m missing, because I play co-op so sporadically. :slight_smile:

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I know, not very impressive. But I initially started my BL2 career on PS3, but regardless, only 35 hours in 2 years since I last posted here isn’t much. I tend to find myself in TPS/BL1 more, and I’ve found new games to devote my time to.

I just wanted to flaunt my 100% completion with only ~500 hours in. :watermelon:

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Finally got around to checking, which took a little time because my characters spent at least half their time on 360 before transferring to XB1.

  • Borderlands 1: 385 hrs (but I lost a couple of characters at some point)
  • Borderlands 2: 1966 hours
  • The Pre-Sequel: 753 hours

I have 100% for BL2 on 360 and XB1. I should have 100% TPS on 360, but I lost connection to XBL and bunch of achievements didn’t register. Still trying to get everything on XB1. BL1 is what it is.

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Y’all call that playtime?

THIS is playtime:


Guy’s a steam friend. I’ll ask him whether I can post screenshots of his character lists, it’s pretty amazing :joy:


I’ve just done the math on that :

12824 hours / 6 years / 365 days = 5.86 hours PER DAY… EVERY DAY…FOR 6 FREAKING YEARS!!

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He’s committed! And has a pretty unique play style.

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is he a streamer??