How many HW:RM dev team members are veterans?

Just to get a better idea, how many of the people at GBX that work on the HW series are actually veteran players or have had some history with the game?

Define ‘veteran’? I mean, it was a really small team, I’d wager 90% of us had played the games, or moreso were really, really excited to work on it because we’d done more than just played the games a bit. Myself included - I recall poking at making an editor for HW2, but I can’t find it - I’ve lost the source to many of my edits from the early 2000s. A big part of the team was either ‘ex relic’ or ‘active Mod’ - which I think means they’re also veteran in your book.


That pretty much sums it up as veteran in my book. Thanks.

By the way BitVenom, I’d just like to say, you’re awesome. You’re always here on the forums actively responding to the fans, you seem to genuinely care about what we say. Thank you.


Thanks! Though, I’ve been around this week much less - hammering on this codebase sometimes requires the most insane level of focus, it’s a beast (and a big dumb jerk for the past 36 hours!).