How many Immunity shields are there?

I know the Legendary Radiation one. I know the Legendary Shock one. Are there any others?

I remember in BL2 there could even be white shields with Elemental Immunity(Even reduced damage from explosions) but I don’t think I’ve seen similar shields in this game unless I just haven’t got lucky. Are there other shields with elemental immunities?

The reason I ask this is because I enjoy my Grenade builds and some Grenades I absolutely love but it deals too much damage back to me and I end up killing myself. For example, I love the Epicenter but then it comes back to me and deals Fire damage to me and kills me. I love Corrosive Grenades (Ghost/Surge/Fungus) but they have a lot of AoE potential and end up damaging me in the process.
This is partly why I stick to using Atlas grenades exclusively because they don’t hurt me.

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I don’t think there is more then Transformer/Red suit for complete immunity. You can get shields with fire resistance(and other elements) as a baseline. Also there is the adaptive passive which gives health regen and damage reduction vs the last dmg type taken for x seconds.


I use my Transformers more than any other shield these days. I use a anointed shock hex with it and it works so well.
I have never gotten a red suit, so have no idea what it does. I farmed it for hours and no go. I will have to check it out

Red Suit is a quest reward shield that gives 100% immunity to radiation. It also drops from Atomic/Sylestro in the Tanzadeer Ruins.


Thanks, i will be heading there right away after work.

I don’t see a reason not to use the transformer most of the time, high capacity with immunity to the roughest element against shields AND absorbtion, it’s just all around better than most


I wish there was a cryo transformer. I hate being slowed



Actually stopped using it because I was using it so much, kinda felt like a crutch. Been rotating between a Rico, a Version 0.m, and a Stop Gap lately and I’ve found that I don’t miss the Transformer that much

I felt the exact same way about the Transformer. I ended up settling on a Stop Gap but I’m really interested in Double Downer / All In shields too

Double downer is amazing. Extremely amazing.

I want to use other shields but once you go double downer it’s hard to go back. You survive so many FFYL situations that you normally wouldn’t, it makes takedown so much easier.

I’ve made several builds now that are damage heavy but made of glass. Double downer solves that problem completely.


Yeah I bet it’s awesome for that… It’s hard to get it annointed though since you can’t really farm it.

If you’re on ps4 I have a bunch, I farmed it for a week straight.
Moze or ASE

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Another shield I neglected to try because I was addicted to the Transformer!

I’m on Xbox ;_; - how did you farm it?

My opinion it’s better than the transformer. You just have to shift gears and not worry about being downed. You get full health and shields when you get back up anyway, so you just have to live long enough to reset the ffyl timer.

On ps4 you just have to use the cloud save.

I’m not sure if people consider that scummy? I don’t, they hide stuff behind quest rewards with no way to farm them.


No I don’t think that either - is it possible to do on Xbox ?

I’m not sure. I think I’ve read it’s more difficult or not possible on Xbox because cloud saves are automatic or something? Unfortunate.

I’ve read it isn’t possible on xbox, which is too bad. I feel for you guys


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