How many immunity shields is there?

I got a shield with 100% immunity to Electric, another with 100% vs… mm… could be corrosive or radiation, not sure… (I am at work now)

What about the other elements (such as fire) do they have their own immunity shields?
Are they Boss drop? World drop?

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red suit? it is 100% immune to radition.


Might be this one… will check tonight…

Anyway, does 100% vs fire exists?

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those two only i believe.

check this out

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Those two element are the only one that’s strong against shield, hence why it’s likely the one for which an immunity is enjoyable.

You naturally get -65% damage against shield with any shield. Add one you rolled with fire resistance on top and you’re close to 100%


Nice spreadsheet, I will have to study that at home! :open_mouth: :smiley:

100% immunity to shock and oh by the way that shock damage heals shields oh and also 40% bullet absorb into ammo is pretty tough to beat.

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well… i was curious… but yeah, makes sense it’s hard to beat that! :slight_smile:

I wish there was a 100% immunity to cryo shield. I can’t stand being slowed down

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Those are the only two.

For your viewing pleasure (not my list, just so useful I keep handing it out):

Added on edit: Heh… beaten to it :stuck_out_tongue: