How Many Lectra City Side Quests? 2 or 4?

Ok so I just arrived in Lectra City (where you eventually fight Killavolt). There were originally 4 “Side Mission Available” exclamation points.

When I investigated them with my cursor, they all said they gave the mission “Proof of Wife”.

That seemed weird, but I thought maybe you could get the same mission from 4 different sources.

So I headed to the closest one, and, instead of giving “Proof of Wife”, it gave a mission called “Porta Prison”.

What? Why?

Accepted that mission, headed to the next exclamation point.

It gave “Proof of Wife”, but, after accepting it, the remaining 2 exclamation points were gone.

Am I potentially missing out on side missions here?

Thanks in advance.

Nope. In this Borderlands You can accept single mission from few sources.

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Ok, thanks.

That makes sense.

I guess the part I don’t understand is why “Porta Prison” was displayed as “Proof of Wife” when I hovered over the yellow exclamations on the map screen of my ECHO.

There is still many “bugs” in game :wink: It was released week ago :smiley:

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This “bug” is still there. Last night we had 4 mission icons on the Lectra City map, 3 of them showing Proof of Wife. We picked up one of them and completed it, and the other 2 dissapeared.