How many "Master" titles do you have, and how many do you intend to get?

I currently have two, Thorn and Deande, but I’m unsure of who I should do next. Deande and Thorn couldn’t be more different from one another so choosing an intermediate seems impossible.

To all Thorn and/or Deande players, what other characters did you bond with?

I’ve spread out my plays too much to have anyone mastered at this point, but my lowest level is 5 and my highest is 14. I want to master Attikus for the lore though and I’m over half way there!

Caldarius so far; Orendi is close; my next target is Ghalt but man I’m only at 2 of 10 First Blood kills on PvP

MANTANA i have him as mastered and right now just playing him but next “goal” is kelvin

I have Thorn so far, and given I alt Deande we probably share some tastes. I’d try Mellka were I you, or perhaps Orendi or Oscar Mike. All work well for me.

I like OM though I’m not great with him on PvP but I use him for PvE a lot, I’ll probably get his master title by playing PvE lol.
I hate fighting against Mellka, she’s so bouncy and hard to hit, I might use her if not only to learn how to counter her playstyle. She’s the only one who gives my team any trouble but one of ours is learning to play her already so I might try Orendi next.

I’m almost to my first. Two or three games away from master of Boldur. Next I think is phoebe or perhaps I’ll try something more mid range.

I’m about 70% through thorn, if you like her playtstyle for the burst I’d highly HIGHLY recommend Benedict. I’m working on mastering him too rn. First time I played him gated it.
But the second time…I still hated it.
And then the third time I loved it lol.

I’m absolutely terrible with Benedict, I struggle to get kills and die a lot lol, he just feels too slow for me :frowning: I often play with a guy who mains Benedict, he often gets over 15 kills and seldom dies more than twice, I have a screenshot of a game where he went 30-0 :open_mouth: I’ve never seen another Benedict player even remotely close to that level of skill lol.

I’m incredibly close to Master of Rath (rank 12, all challenges completed, I’ve just wanted to test new characters out a bit in between Rath sessions). I’m not sure who else I want to master since I’ve been picking up and dropping characters at random. I Used to play Montana, ISIC, Caldarius, and Reyna. Then I dropped the first 3, picked up Miko for a bit, and now I’m considering dropping him. I also just picked up Toby, he’s super fun, but then again so was Caldarius.

Edit: forgot to mention that I also play Benedict now, but once again, I have no idea how long that will last.

I’ve just about got Master of Reyna. I can’t wait to get her legendary. It appears to be a game changer for her.

Perhaps you should try a support or tank character next? It’s always good to know how to play one in case nobody else on your team wants to fill that role.

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I started horribly with Benedict, but if you mastered Thorn you know what thats like maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah that dude sounds amazing, I got into Benedict because I realized a similar character might be in the DLC. I’d still tell you to keep playing him, practice flying around and just like yoi get used to Thorn’s arrow dropoff you’ll get used to Benedicts (also has an AOE so that helps).
Also once you play with Thorn everyone seems slow. I can’t play tanks anymore lol

I am a master Galilea, Miko and ISIC. Will be trying to get either Marquis or Ghalt next.
Galilea was by far the worst one followed by ISIC. These lore challenges when you need to kill a specific character is just bad.

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I don’t really like support or tank characters, not because I’m a selfish slayer but because I know I can slay and every team needs at least one player who can kill when someone else can’t. Besides, I suck at support roles lol though I could probably pull off the tank if I had a good support group and some appropriate gear for the job. Perhaps I’ll try ISIC or Toby.

I actually picked up Thorn rather easily, though Deande took some practice but I knew she’d be special so I persevered and all my practice during the beta paid off.

As a player who mains Deande and Thorn I know this better than most lol, Deande is outrun by most tanks which is frustrating when I know Thorn is the fastest character in the game. I did test this by the way, I outran an Orendi in a PvE race lol.

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you say that lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the exact opposite. Just tried my first match as a melee character (Rath) and went 2-14 lol. Somehow I still ended up with the highest score on my team; 6th overall… I prefer to hang back a bit and turn good, fair 1v1’s into brutal, unfair 2v1’s. :slight_smile:

Lol PvE foot race.
I was curious though, whats Deande’s gameplay like? Compared to Thorns that is.
And did you decide which character you want to focus next? Maybe go completely different and go Shayne and Aurox (some stealth, lots of damage, (amazing) humor)
@RottenRatPelt lol only time I played melee characters I completely lost my bearings always lose targets. Its hilarious.

I suck at melee lol, Phoebe is an excellent counter to both Thorn and Deande so a good Phoebe player is the Bane of my existence, but I couldn’t play her to save my life xD

Compared to Thorn’s, the best way to describe that comparison is slow. She moves much slower, she relies on cloaking and sneaking, remaining unseen and killing before her enemy realises she’s killed them then running away before the rest of the team notices what she’s done. If you get seen you either finish the kill quickly or flee. Being slow as she is, she can’t chase though her thrown fans are excellent finishers and you can deploy her decoy to chase (Her decoy has a much better AI then the bots in private matches) while you scurry away back to safety. If you get spotted you don’t have a lot of time to make a decision before you’re dead, she’s squishy and easily trapped or chased down. I love her, very opportunistic but you have to take every opportunity. She can be used to harass too, sneak behind enemy lines and kill a healer or push a sniper off a perch toward your waiting teammates. I tend to get a lot of assists with Deande but with a well timed decoy she’s very hard to kill and can cause all kinds of psychological trauma to an opposing team and when she starts killing she doesn’t stop. If you don’t neutralise her early, you’re gonna have a bad time…

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