How many matches do you have with your main?

I was looking at our lovely @FlamesForAll’s post on using Ernest in Capture, and saw that he had around 800 matches with Ernest.

How do you people play that much? How do you play one character for THAT long? My most matches is probably like 100 or something, with Pendles.

It just bamboozles me.

Still, the title question remains. Aw hell I just made a pun on accident.

How many matches do you have with your main?

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Not a mainer in the traditional sense but…

El dragon 227
Montana 156
Benedict 149
Rath 120
Melka 118

My mains wane and wax based off how bored I get with them. Rath I played super early in my battleborn career. Benedict I played a fair amount when he was just busted. Melka I played straight for like 80 games in a row when she finally made sense. Monty became one of my try hard toons after I fully understood him.

And el dragon is awesome. Really fun and fast and hits like a truck


IIRC, my most played is Pendles, Ghalt, Caldarius, Benedict. That’s about the order it goes. Though right now I’m on a Marquis high.


1149 on Toby.


I… uh… do you sleep?


I recently just hit 1000 matches with Kelvin.





i win.




1047 with Gali
803 with Ernest
557 with Alani
402 with Kleese
332 with Thorn (yes, Thorn)

But I have at least one hundred matches with every character.

Just over 1400 hours now.


  1. ISIC - 132
  2. Galilea - 137
  3. Thorn - 89
  4. Marquis - 99
  5. Kleese - 121
  6. Oscar Mike - 71
  7. El Dragon - 49
  8. Alani - 71
Everyone else
  • Boldur - 78
  • Caldarius - 77
  • Montana - 75
  • Beatrix - 65
  • Shaurox - 55
  • Phoebe - 54
  • Kid Ultra - 45
  • Ghalt - 44
  • Toby - 40
  • Mellka - 36
  • Orendi - 36
  • Rath - 36
  • Pendles - 35
  • Ernest - 34
  • Miko - 34
  • Whisky Foxtrot - 32
  • Attikus - 30
  • Deande - 30
  • Benedict - 28
  • Ambra - 27
  • Kelvin - 27
  • Reyna - 16

Things to note

  • Most are PvE matchs and they take muuuch longer. I.E I have 1215 hours in Battleborn, which is 200 hours less than Flames, but no where near the match count.
  • By that same extent, my play time also reflects how I pick characters that are highly effective in PvE. Which unrightfully lowers characters like Mellka and Deande, whom I can’t get enough of in PvP.
  • I also do quite a bit of private PvP matches, which don’t count.
  • Some of the characters are skewed from OPS farming.
  • Every character I have is 16+ and all of their lore is done but Kelvin.
  • It took longer for me to learn some of my favorites compared to the others.

Off topic: @MeltedCow this is based on the other conversation we were having in the other thread. I tested Pellet Party and it does do something… It raises his level 3 damage from 143 to drum roll
149. So it does what it says, it increases his pellet count from 10 to 13 or whatever, but the three new pellets don’t scale with Ghalt and only do 2 damage…

These mother ■■■■■■■ will nerf things left and right, but they won’t fix or replace a massively detrimental helix for 13 and 1/2 months and counting… I’m sure you can guess what else I’d say.


How? I have almost 1500h and my most played is Phoebe with nearly 230. Others are all around the 100-150 mark.


I remember doing testing and I considered the six point increase nothing, so that’s what I’ve called it for a while now.

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Seriously, HOW DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE THIS MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS? Are you all unemployed? Do you guys have families? It confuses me so much!


It’s no wonder you get target banned so often :joy:

And wtf is that damage dealt :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately while I’ve still spent most of my time on select few characters it’s still not a very impressive amount of matches as I’ve spent most of my time in queue instead of playing.
I wish I was exaggerating when I said that, but my in-match time isn’t even half of what I’ve spent in-game and my total matches played reflects that. I think I’m at a little over 1k matches overall.

Conclusion; I main patience.


You’ve played Kleese and Alani? :fearful: AND you’ve played Thorn more than me :joy: Man you have played this a lot :slight_smile:


People are using this to show how many games they’ve played too :slight_smile:

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Because Deande demands my time.

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That damage is all to do with skill and unparalled dedication :wink: