How many missions are there?

So I’ve completed every single quest in BL2 on the handsome collection on UVHM and there are 7 quests that can be done over and over again, without any chance of them ever having a check mark next to them. I don’t think anyone is interested in seeing these quests appearing as “failed” or “undiscovered” or “ignored” even though they’ve already been completed.

The Magic of Childhood
Tier 3 Rematch: Twelve O’clock High
Tier 3 Rematch: The Death Race
Tier 3 Rematch: Appetite for Destruction
Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz
More History of Simulated Violence
Magic Slaughter: Badass Round

I think I counted 260 completed missions + these 7 for a total of 267. Is there 267 total missions?

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