How many missions to reach It's a Trap... Clap!?

I just want to get the SDU.

It seems you must do Are You from These Parts? to hear from Blake.

You do not have to do Fight for Your Right to Part-E.

New Contact introduces Blake.

And then there is Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase One. This mission has some meat on its bones, including a fight with General Knoxx-Trap. I’m skipping the Claptrap rescue in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, because it sounds like hella effort to reach it.

I’m not too happy I have to fight General-Knoxx-Trap and do things out of order, but I want the SDU.

To be clear, It’s a Trap… Clap! is available as soon as I finish Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase One?

Or I can learn to grenade-jump.

This is something I hate about the game. The leveling, having to skip missions, do things out of order . . . . everything could be fixed with a level cap of 34 for the first play through.

And maybe they could do something about the gawd-awful low-res UI.

I already gave up and went on to PT 2. I’m not going to wreck the experience for a couple of SDUs.