How many of you have actually completed the 1000-0 Capture Challenge?

I’m really curious about how people have been able to do this. Even with a very skilled team vs newer players, I would still expect the other side to at least score in the double digits to some degree. This topic is just me trying to parse out the feasibility of this challenge, because it seems like the stars have to align in order for it to be completed.

My team havent done it yet, only focused on it a couple times. Closest was 1000-5

I personally do not, but a friend I ryn with does. He said split 2/2/1 for the 3 points and as soon as you capture reinforce. I forget there team makeup but it was very hardy and had 2 support (miko and ambra i think). Gali was the solo runner waiting for backup.

Once they got all points they murdered the other team and camped the spawn.

Got really lucky just after launch and was apparently paired with others who played the beta against a team who apparently hadn’t.

I’ve been 650-0, 857-0 and 908-0 and everytime the enemy surrendered. Poorly thought-out challenge.


I agree the surrendering makes this harder than it should be. Would it be bad to remove it for capture mode? Personally I like the option to just say screw it when your team is clearly out matched but capture mode is so short that it may not be a huge issue with no surrender. I can still see people being upset by it though. Right now people who get the title are sort of just lucky in the sense that the enemy team didn’t consider a surrender despite the bleak outlook.

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I also feel like this challenge is only viable on the outback map, as one of the points on temples is always closer to the enemy spawn, and it’s practically impossible to capture it before the enemy team gets there

And that is when enemy surrenders.

Yah, basically you need a team that doesn’t give up or doesn’t know how to surrender.

Got this last night actually on temple. The opposing team focused on trying to kill us over going to different points and instead tried to focus one and we just struck em down. They tried to surrender at the end but got vetoed luckily. The best part was it was just a friend and I that were partied up and the rest were all randoms on our team so was really cool.