How many of you have switched from Mayhem 10 to Mayhem 11?

Just curious to see how many people have switched over from M10 to M11. Personally, I am still playing on M10 mostly because of speed demon and for increased drops. It should be noted that I haven’t tried using M11 on Arms Race yet, I’ve only done the Maliwan True Takedown twice, once on each.

And if you’re curious, these are my M10 Modifiers.

Are you playing on Mayhem 10 or Mayhem 11?
  • I am continuing to play on Mayhem 10
  • I have switched over to Mayhem 11

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increased drops are WORLD drops :wink:

dedicated drops aren’t affected


I will when the epic server comes back online.

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I would choose a “both” option, as I will likely switch to M11 on everyone but Moze. My Moze has been able to do everything no problem on m10 using the More than Okay Boomer, Healy Avenger, Drone Ranger, and Post Mortem modifiers. Haven’t been able to get as solid of a build going on anyone else. But since I play Moze the most anymore I went with continuing m10.

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I feel there are builds for every VH that can handle modifiers without issue, but not having modifiers to worry about opens the door for ‘less than meta’ options to become more viable.

I really only play Zane, so I only know what works for him. That said, I can drop you my save file if you want to see/use a build that can handle M10 with no issues.

I actually plan to do both , TVHM will have some purpose at last


Instantly switched to 11 and definitely not going back.

I only play Moze and had speed demon, healing hearts, healing drones, and holy crit. I’ll miss the movement speed a little, but it’s a million times better for me overall on 11.


Booted up the game, went straight to M11 and I ain’t even looking back. Did the MTD a couple of times and wow, its refreshing to play this game without modifiers destroying my game’s performance, hurting my eye balls, and not having to worry about 30 death skulls following me around 24/7.

Going to take some time to adjust not having speed demon, but it’s totally worth it.


As of now I’d only play MH 10 when leveling up a new character after beating the story as I’d want the increased XP. It will take longer to get new guardian rank points, but at some point additional rank is fairly meaningless–if they add new GR perks then maybe I’d enable it again to get those.

I don’t care about world drops and as dedicated drops are not affected by MH level (other than the MH 4 and 6 drops), no point in using modifiers.


same… changed to M11, went into MTD and enjoyed even more now :smiley:

maybe i’ll try GTD now but still… that stupid crystal stage is anoying AF


I’ll be mostly on M11, but Moze really benefits from More than Ok Boomer for grenade regen and speed demon for the Guardian Takedown skips (fl4k too for that matter). So I’ll be back and forth for those reasons.

Really wish they’d let us choose our modifiers and how many instead of just giving us a top level mode without them. I know covid has hindered the devs, but it just feels lazy to me.


I’ve been waiting since this game came out to play with truly no modifiers. Finally.


M11 > M10 for the vast majority of future play.

I did drop to M1 for a bit before the patch came out (vehicle quest and I couldn’t kill enemies even after hitting them like 5 times on M10) and enjoy speed demon.

I imagine I’ll only ever play M1, M4, and M6 for farming specific items faster (coms, mainly) or if I get stuck on another quest where my vehicle has to either survive or do damage.

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Given that mobs no longer have M10 gear, I plan to move to M11 once I start playing again.

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M11 is the reason im gonna start playing daily again after 4 months


my fade fl4k really needs holy crit
the other characters dont need modifiers to me

I would like to switch from Mayhem 4 to Mayhem 5, which is Mayhem 4 but without modifiers.

Wait… that’s not how it works… so confused…

Gearbox just assumes everyone likes Mayhem 10, and Mayhem 2.0 in general, and **** on those who don’t, unsurprisingly. I would really like to know what’s so difficult about disabling modifiers for every level at will at the cost of half the rewards. Surely that’s simple enough! Why do it for a single Mayhem level, and branding it ffs!!!

In the future, is Mayhem 12 going to be the no-modifier version on M9? All the way to Mayhem 20, the no-modifier version of M1? What’s even the thought process behind this whole deal, how can Gearbox seem so amateurish nowadays?


Just played a little on Mayhem 11. It’s easier and gives no new reason to keep playing the game.


Mayhem 11 is lame but having it delivered is what was deserved, half drops. My undying love to the devs for standing ground, excellence.

M11 is a statement by Devs and a red flag on the heads of VH’s.

I came for loot. I go where the loot is

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There should simply be a secondary option across all Mayhem levels to eliminate modifiers for reduced world drops.

Seems easy enough to me anyway.