How many of you still play the original Borderlands 1 on PC?

Well hello there!

Long time since i’ve been here (since the migration pretty much), curious to see how many familiar faces are still around!

Aside from the jibberish, the thread title basically says it all, how often do you still play Borderlands 1 (full game) on the PC.
Adding to that, how many of you have tried any of the custom DLC out there? (Drop a comment)

For those who think they know where this is going, don’t get too hyped just yet :wink:

  • Every day!
  • Regularly Throughout the week, but not all the time
  • Once or Twice per week
  • Once or Twice per month
  • Not often at all, but i come abck to it every now and then

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Greetz Apple-Guy :blembarrass:

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Checking steam now, haven’t played since the 17th, but I also went off on a big run of farming Skagzilla before that(several hundred runs) and am taking a bit of a break of it. Felt that a couple times a week was most accurate overall though.

And no, no custom content used thus far.

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Last one. I’ve pretty much exhausted everything I can do in it. I still have a few pearls to find and some random odds and ends, but I can’t be arsed.

It’s been almost a year since I started my first campaign in Borderlands: I played Lilith till 69, killed Crawmerax, witnessed a pearl pop out of one of general Knoxx’s chests then went straight to BL2 (and TPS for few weeks last month). Then yesterday while farming Hyperious I was thinking about how would it be go back to the origins and try a new character; so I did it: I’m playing Brick, melee style.
I had forgotten the vibe of the Arid Badlands before Hyperion took over: it’s so different!
I think I’ll stay quite a while now.

My schedule is basically this:

  • play BL1 for a week or two straight
  • try out other game, leave BL1 for a while
  • play both BL1 and other game in similar amounts
  • get bored of other game, repeat process

So I guess the closest answer to that is regularly throughout the week, as far as how often I play goes.

And yeah, I use custom content regularly.


Good to see you, AG! I fired it up the other night, good times.

Psychic Charizard!! :smiley:
Launched it back up myself as well when i was going through stuff for my portfolio (Lone Creek), some massive nostalgia trips, still have the spoken lines by you and your fiancé, “Ooooh, look at my shiny gun, it goes bang” :smiley:

Hope life has been treating you well! :slight_smile:

And thanks everyone for their input, seems like not too many ppl are still active on the BL1 Part of the forum, so not sure if it’s worth revitalizing this project, i appreciate all your input though! ^^

Ahhh, I remember that now.

Life is still sweet, all good.

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