How many PC Guys gonna move to Steam?

Option will be there soon.

Will require buying another copy of the game.

I’m actually considering it for the convenience of the social side…and existing friend lists etc. But don’t know what the hashup will be between Epic players and Steam players.

I mean honestly…Epic has not been a problem at all for their gameplay but their comms system is just about as low feature as you can get.

If Steam offered a discount…I’d do it for sure.


Could I legally “sell” or give my Epic BL3 rights to someone else?

I will probably pick it up on a Steam sale (like I did with BL2).

If I can transfer my saves over easily (hopefully just copy pasting the files will work) AND the steam version is actually a complete game and fixes the cosmetic bugs i’ve been waiting 4.5 months for.

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Sadly I am on PS4. I generally play this type of game on PC but I chose PS4 so I could play it when it came out. I don’t think I will be switching to Steam any time soon. Maybe one day I will get when it becomes super cheep there.

Hopefully the next Borderlands installment won’t be exclusive.

I have no need or desire to switch over to Steam myself; it doesn’t really offer anything I use that Epic doesn’t have.

Save files are stored in the same folder no matter what store you use…

i see no real value in having BL3 on steam when you have it in the ES… just add the shortcut and it will run the same… you can do this with any game you don’t have on steam… only thing steam does (launching from it) is add the steam overlay… AFAIK only actual social stuff are for games with the steam engine, all other will just get a steam overlay (no matter if bought in steam or not)

maybe for the community page but again… pretty useless as you can still visit it no matter what

I might but on the other hand, that’s another 60 bucks that I don’t technically need to spend. Besides, how would that even work out? Like, would I have the game installed twice on my PC? Is there gonna be cross-saves or no? And if there is, how would that work out with the DLC? If I didn’t buy the Handsome Jackpot through Steam, would that mean that I can’t use my ion canon and Seein’ Dead when I’m launching it on Steam?
Like, no offense, but at least for me there’s really no worth in moving to Steam, at least nothing worth the full or even reduced price of the game.

I’m not giving then more money for an unfinished game.

I’ve been waiting…anxiously.

No problemo. I’m fully aware of the expense. Quality of life is more important to me. Steam, all the way!

@johnrr6 I don’t believe we’re steam friends? Whats up with that? :smirk:
problem solved. :innocent:

I have over 30 friends on epic and NONE of them are ever online.
This game is dead

Just curious, what QoL?


Definitely gonna get it for steam at some point. Epic already has my money, unfortunately, but I’ll still buy it for steam in the future lol

According to to Mr. Sweeney “of course you’ll be able to cross play Epic & Steam”

If correct, there would be no reason to purchase on Steam simply to play / access your Steam friends.

Personally I’ll believe it when I see it and I do not plan on purchasing 2 more copies on Steam.

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Will be interesting on the Mac.
The Epic BL3 port is not great, lots of lag (flawed texture streaming) so I usually play BL3 on my MacBook Pro by switching over to Windows and using Epic there.
However, if the Steam port is more polished on the Mac I’ll certainly buy it.

Oh, and on the Windows side I’ll just stick with Epic. Since I don’t play co-op and never trade with anyone the social side doesn’t matter, and it works just fine with the Epic version.

I’m curious about this as well. I can’t really think of anything Steam offers at this point that would be worth purchasing the game again. The only one that I had for Steam (long ago) was that I preferred to have a game on Steam if possible just so I could have my game collection launched from a single platform. It was convenient when that was a thing but that ship has long since sailed thanks to Origin, Blizzard, Ubisoft, GoG, EGL etc…Game launching platforms have become about as convenient as TV/Movie streaming services and by that I mean not convenient at all.

Now I just launch the game from whatever platform or if I really want it in my Steam library I just add it as a non-Steam game. So aside from that…why would anyone buy the game again for Steam? Achievements? Overlay functionality? Hate money?

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My biggest thing about Steam is the easy way to contact friends. Epic chat seems FAR less robust and the notifications of someone trying to reach you are far quicker and just…better in Steam. Screenshots, support, Forums and the ability to FULLY customize a Steam Controller.

That and the game library…which just simplifies things.

But as I said…I really have not had issues with Epic except I feel waaay more isolated…maybe I just don’t know how to use their system well…but I doubt it.

I bought the Season Pass thingy so it might be even more than $60 for me…

Buuuut…I am an old guy and I pretty much play this game exclusively…much like BL2.

Another $100 might mean squat with the amount of hours I actually put into the game. If you compared overall price to quality entertainment hours.

I also hear what you guys are saying. If I were a young guy raising a family, saving, meeting the bills, house payments, car payments, medical insurance, thinking ahead for kid’s college and a retirement. NO WAY would I spend another $100! Out of the question.

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I almost spit out my coffee reading this…SO DAMN TRUE!

Apple TV
Amazon Prime
CBS All Access

The list goes ON and ON

They ALL want 5-10 bucks a month…sooooo reasonable…and tout what great things they have…

and you wind up watching a couple shows a week…if that…

And the monthly bill winds up enormous…


Yep. The ironic thing is that the streaming services are becoming what everyone wanted cable to be which was pick and choose stations a la cart instead of being forced into these huge channel packages where you get 400 channels of garbage just to get 10 channels you want. Imagine what things might look like atm if cable had offered up more customized channel packages? I bet there wouldn’t have been so many to cut the cord and there might not be so many streaming services right now.

That being said…there are way too many services and I don’t imagine this is sustainable. My guess is that some of them will combine forces at some point to become a better value and more able to compete with Netflix. I mean I would love to see the Picard show but no way in hell I’m subscribing to that service for that one show. I already have Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Disney+. F that.

Makes me wonder how sustainable all these gaming platforms are. I really hate having all these damn things installed.

Exact same…but when I saw it was $10 a month…the heck with that…for the only show I want.

I did get Disney+ for Mandolorian…justified it to my wife for “our Granddaughter”

Actually Disney+ is quite good to control what the little one is seeing…with what VERY little TV my wife lets her view…which is good.

Same. I got Disney+ (reluctantly) for the Mandalorian. However, I haven’t canceled it because they are releasing a new season 7 for Clone Wars animated series (which I liked a lot) next month so I’m re-watching the previous 6 seasons to refresh my memory before it’s available. They also announced that another series like The Mandalorian but about Obi Wan Kenobi (played by Ewan McGregor from the prequels) has already been written and being shot plus the next season of The Mandalorian…I guess I’m stuck with Disney+ forever now!

Side note…Dave Filoni has been heavily involved in some of the best Star Wars content I have seen (better than many of the movies). He has been writer and/or director and/or producer of The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, Rebels (also great IMO) and will be writing for the new Obi Wan show as well I think so hopefully it’s at least on par with The Mandalorian.