How many people in the technical test?

I was just wondering how many people for each platform got accepted to play. My friend on PC thinks that everyone that got the email got chosen, but I’m on Xbox one and I’m the only person I know who got a code.

Does it really matter? People keep asking this question, you will find multiple existing topics on it. Be happy you got in and enjoy it.

No, it doesn’t matter. I’m very excited and just curious. No need to be rude.

I’m not trying to be rude. General forum etiquette is that you do not create posts asking the same questions that have already been asked.

Existing post:

Well I didn’t see that question asked on the forum. So I asked. Although I didn’t scroll back for pages and pages.

Thanks for posting the link.

Hey folks: use the flag system if you find any posts bothersome. Try to avoid back-seat moderating, please.