How many people play at mayhem 10?

When discussing the issues with mayhem 2.0 I’ve seen more and more lately people saying something to the effect of " yeah but that’s only mayhem ten, or high mayhem not many people play that.". Or they’re expressing that only a small amount of people play on high mayhem levels. I’m curious how many people are playing higher mayhem levels. 6 or above.

I picked 6 because that’s where the exclusive items start dropping.

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i play mayhem 10…when i play^^

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Same boat, got all the M10 gear since 1 week out from cartels and M2.0 introduction. Pop in after patch and hopped back out. Game is not the same since end of Feb.

By not the same, meaning M2.0 lost my interest to say the least.


Back in the day…when I used to play BL3 I played on M10. Now not so much. I logged into BL3 for the first time in a long time last night to take a break from BL2 but only to level up my Fl4k and to maybe roll up a Zane since I have never played that character. Leveling is the only part of the game that isn’t completely broken IMO.


I jumped straight to m10 when m2.0 was released and only dropped down to m6 to finish the guardian takedown before the nerf to mob health.


Probably should make a poll…

Right now you are asking for responses only from folks who do play at 6+, so that’s what you are going to get.

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I play on M10.

My sweet spot is Mayhem 8. Tough enough to be fun, but not the tedious thing that M-10 is when it takes forever to whittle away health. I don’t die in M-10, but it just takes too long for me. To mis-quote Marshall Friedman in BL2 I’ll just have to shoot 'em all, and I don’t got that kinda time

When the next set of adjustments goes live tomorrow I’ll try M-10 again.

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Just started playing at M10 as the Cartel event ended.

I usually play on M8 because to me it’s basically the new M4. The enemy health is not too absurd and I like the balance of having one easy and one very hard modifier. M10 is just kind of a pain and some of the modifiers seem to have nasty interactions that can really impact the performance of the game. I originally tried playing M10 but kept on crashing because Chain Gang and Mob Mentality were frying my PC. As of the recent patch they actually can’t roll together anymore so I might give it another go, but M8 to me is just the kind of difficulty where it feels somewhat challenging but not to the degree where I need an overly specific build or to tryhard all the time.


I play at M10, because I foolishly keep holding out hope that I will get loot that makes M10 “fun”, instead of the slog it is since the last patch.

But, that’s only when I play a max level char. I only play Borderlands games. It’s the only reason I bought a console again, so I don’t have other games to play, except for Minecraft, and MLB the Show, which I only play with my kids. And even then, my daughter would rather play BL3 than minecraft anymore.

So, I have a lot of chars that I’m leveling, since my 4 max VH’s have pretty much been mothballed since shortly after the first “Balance Patch”.

M2.0 did not live up to the hype, it was not an improvement over the previous mayhem system.

Why stop at 10?

My copy of BL3 goes to 11!


As suggested, make a poll if you’re interested in this. That said, yes I play on M10 unless I’m leveling a character generally.

I’ve said before on other threads that I typically play on mh10 because that has the strongest dropping gear, but it’s suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a slog, especially when you have to mob solo as zane. Combine that with the decreasing variety of weapons that I like to use and its pretty lame experience.
Nock it down to 6 though, well. It isn’t a slog. But I ain’t getting that strong gear either >:(

I vary, generally M6, farming usually M8, co-opping with my lads usually 4 cos we just want a laugh and our builds are non god roll fun type builds

The modifiers at M8 are very satisfying IMO.

I only play on M10. :man_shrugging:

I play exclusively on M10, unless of course I am leveling a character (as I am finally doing with Moze now).

I went straight to M10 as soon as m2.0 came out, farmed gigamind for a hellshock + guts of carnivora for scourges and went from there

I’m actually interested about this question, and a poll’s not a bad idea, so here, for those who want it.

  • M10 all the way
  • Usually a different level

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