How many people were in involved in MP Beta before release?

I am just curious as to the number of people that were involved in the MP Beta before it was released? Does anyone have this information or at least a good estimation?

It was mostly just inhouse testing, and friends & family sort of thing, I think.

Yeah, it seems more like something that should have been an opt-in download instead of shipped with the rest of the game in its current state of bugs, balance, and design.

I suppose my post could be construed as a way to find fault for the problems, so I don’t expect a response. Personally, I am content that the game was released and I got to have some fun.

I just hope that the multiplayer aspect of this game is a top priority considering it is what will help this game last for years to come. I am confused as to why it seemed kind of neglected.

However, that is probably just my interpretation of it. I don’t know anything about it at all.

Yeah, it is the new development model. Release a beta product and mine you customers to beta test it for you! Yeah, you guys paid to be whipped!

I’m worried that MP will be dead by the time its fixed. :confused:

The bulk of sales is usually at release, and competitive arena sort of MP games usually get their most play the first week or two of release than die out unless they’re REALLY good from the start, like say with Altitude.

It’s very rare for people to return after they left a broken/unbalanced/unfun MP game, because it got fixed. The only time this happens is with RPGs, which tended to have a lot of people playing it when it was broken just because of their addictive nature. Diablo3, and Marvel Heroes were both bad on release. PoE wasn’t nearly as good as it is now either. All 3 of those games regrew after release. But those aren’t RTS.

AoE2HD got released, and that was a great game that was already well balanced for MP. But two weeks after release the MP was dead. The sale that came around did not reinvigorate it.

So unless GBX somehow makes the MP amazing in a month and it gets a lot of attention, eh… I don’t know.

While I agree to a point that most sales are made and opinions formed shortly after release… this has been advertised as a BETA release only for MP play.

The issues with the SP play are another kettle of fish entirely, and will have their effect.

Once a few balance passes are made, and word gets around, the faithful and curious will come.

Once they get major multiplayer bugs/balancing issues fixed, guess what?

They can officially remove the BETA tag for multiplayer and make a press release, announcing the official release of Homeworld Remastered Multiplayer.

Bam. Any bad PR related to the Beta is erased. People will then happily come play Homeworld’s multiplayer.

it’s not dead actually, it’s doing pretty well

@end source on that? I bought it a few weeks after release when it went on sale, and there was no one playing it online. I can’t check now as I don’t have it installed.

Only in an ideal world. In the real world, that’s not how it works. Every person that bought a game doesn’t check press releases for it every day.

Now if they make it REALLY amazing, far better than HW2 was, and it becomes one of the top multiplayer games like SC2, then okay sure it’d get more attention and more people would come back, more people would buy it. But that’d be hard to achieve without hard work and good redesign.

With the timing of the release and the careful working of part of the title as beta, one can surmise that this may be the actual testing phase.

If there was an in house (probably super short period), it would be hard to believe that these errors weren’t already being noticed. That being said, I am assuming they may have started to work on it right away.

I’m just really curious. There was a formula developers followed some time ago that seemed more reliable when it came to game development. That has changed a lot over the years because of changing technologies and the ease of distributing games and releasing updates and patches.

Perhaps it was “good enough” to release? I’m not complaining. I’ve had a lot of fun with the game, though I’ve had my fair share of crashes now. But if developers followed the old rules of development, would there be less problems? Less bugs? I don’t know.

Gearbox i would greatly appreciate it if you remove region lock asap please and ty <3

from my own experience, I play it regularly. game was region locked at launch, maybe that’s why you didnt see many servers. There are plenty now any time of the day (but not for the Forgotten expansion too, which few play it)

Bingo and fix downloading content

It sucks you cant play with people with high ping.

In SC2 you can play with anyone 8 player no worry ping.