How many points can you get

how many points can you get to level 72 and can you get points after 72 l only got 67 for axton l’m doing mission after 72 you don’t get points thank you

At level 72, you get up to 67 skill points. That is the maximum number. You earn 1 skill point for every level up except at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. You gain you first skill point at level 5 but that must be used to unlock your action skill.

You can’t get more points after lvl 72. You can only earn OP levels, whitch will make your game harder.

Harder? How? once you hit any of the OP levels , you can set the game for any level you want to play.

if you are OP 8 , you can run through NVHM, & TVHM (if a person would want) or you can set UVHM to any Level Between OP 0 (which is like running through NVHM with a level 50) to OP 8

If you play OP 8 char on OP 8, its harder.

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