How many raid bosses are in TPS?

I am a borderlands 1/2 vet, and since the handsome jack collection is coming to xbox one next week I wanted to know about the raid bosses. They where my favorite part in borderlands 2, but I am having trouble finding anything about them in TPS. Are there any raid bosses, and what is the end game content like in this game?


One raid - many are hoping for more in the DLC but no news yet.

Well kinda sad news, but I will just be happy to get to play a new borderlands soon. I will just hope like the rest for more.

“Secret Raid Bosses” arnt really a seriers staple though. The only one that was hidden was Vermi.

But it is a shame TPS doesn’t have more Raid bosses. Bl2 had 9 by the time it was “complete”. They were super popular, and IMO they were getting better at designing them (Dargons and Baby Craw were the best in my opinion).

If we’re lucky TPS will get 2 in the DLC for a total of 3.


Yeah I don’t really mean secret raid bosses just any. Raid bosses are what made Bl2 so great for me at least trying to fight all the raid bosses. Than when OP levels came out I had so much fun with those.

Hearing what some people say about TPS kinda have me scared. sounds like there is really no end game content which is kinda sad.

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One, The Sentinel.

Iwajira is a pseudo raid boss. Technically he’s a badass but he’s got much more health and a substantial loot pool.

End game is minimal at the moment (until the Claptrap DLC is added). There’s the one raid boss, Iwajira, Nel, and the Holodome (slaughterdome). That’s about it.


Prediction: based on what we know of the DLC campaign for TPS, I feel like Gearbox might troll us with a Knoxx raid boss, complete with loot chests.

Only reason I think that though is because of how much players have focused on it for years. And because apparently some classic areas of pandora will be revisited. It would certainly be funny.

Or maybe Claptrap’s encounter in Fyrestone when you needed to get a repair kit for him. Imagine how much he’ll blow that out of proportion! “A veritable horde of enemies attacked me and finally took me down until I got my second wind and destroyed them all with one sweep of my arm!” “Didn’t some vault hunters save you and use a repair kit?”


Its worth noting that the raid boss isn’t even a new enemy, but without going into spoilers that’s all I can really say.

Does it drop good loot or not even that?

The loots pretty decent he also drops the celestial mods minus claptrap’s due to a bug. Blue Mods lots of $$$ I got a “Perfect” purple cryo Laser Blaster from him once. I keep it with me all the time even tho I never use it :smile:

Well as long as I can get some cool gear it should be fun!!

Still let’s hope Claptrap’s DLC adds More!

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Based on review copies for Claptrap DLC: ZERO new raid bosses.
So we’re still stuck with only 1.

Could that change from today/yesterday’s review copies to launch day in 4 days? Sure it COULD; My bet is it wont…

Can i have a link to this review(s) please?

Where did you hear this?

Well it’s possible this/these reviewers in mention didn’t want to try the raid.
Or there is no mention due to spoilers…

Hopefully there is if not, than oh well. At least we get this modifiable arena

Try IGN - I see their review comes to the same points.
Link at bottom.

Sadly, I wish that were so. But the reviewers clearly stated “no raid boss”.
Again, as above - check IGN; its the one I remember best right now.

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“Though it doesn’t sport a raid boss”


Why wouldn’t they put any in? I feel like its something the fans wanted.

So Hand Pose of Doom is our only raid for TPS… So disappointed.