How many sirens are there

If I’m doing my math right there are one sirens on accounted for so far. Two sirens are dead in the games so far and if the young kid standing with May is a siren we are still one short.

There’s only been three so far, with Commandant Steele being Destroyer Snacks (dead), and Angel being Handsome Jack’s personal catalyst (in more ways than one). 5 in total, but 3 alive.

New Siren.

We haven’t really had anything to prove the existence of the others or new ones yet. People are reading into the trailer pretty heavily but forgetting that all sirens are BORN sirens, and their tattoos are always a part of them. People are assuming that we’ve seen two other kid sirens in the trailer when both kids we see have no tattoos. Lillith and Maya were born with their tats.
We’ve finally seen 5 of the 6 sirens, though, as of BL2. Steele and Lillith are the oldest, Maya and Angel are around the same age. The new one’s probably in her 20’s like Lillith was in BL1. It would be logical for those two kids to be sirens too, but the proof is in the pudding. Occam’s Razor. Whatever. They’re tattoo-less, so they’re probably not sirens.