How many Thorn players?

How do you guys fair playing Thorn? I personally love her difficulty but sometimes landing those arrows seems impossible in PVP.

She’s my strongest char by far. Proudest moment with her was going 12/3/17 to help carry a team of 4 to victory over a full team of five. Will definitely be maining her in the full game.

Same. Its very rewarding to get kills with her.

Only played with her in PvE and got 280k damage on the ISIC mission. Love her mobility and difficulty, second only to Miko

Agree with you. She’s insanely hard to play with but that almost feels like an unspoken challenge by the game that I feel obligated to take on. Will definitely play Thorn. Second Marquis.

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Heh, my best game was 23-0-10. The game just ended too fast :frowning:

My favorite moment over beta though, was when I was playing with a friend of mine who was playing Oscar Mike. Our team mates were pretty bad, and all three of them ended up DCing because we were losing. My friend and I got serious and went tryhard for this 2v5. Both of us had various 1v3’s and the enemy team ended up surrendering to the two of us! My friend died once, and I didn’t die at all, and we both had a decent number of kills, I believe. Lol, I have a screenshot of it around here somewhere.

Edit: Ah, here she be.

That’s pretty boss. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to save some screenshots myself, but I was always too caught up in the game to think about it. I had some pretty good scores, but it rings hollow to even mention them without proof. Guess I’ll know for the game proper!

Haha, that’s alright. I believe you added me on PSN last night, yeah? We’ll get some games in on release, and I’ll either screenshot myself, or say something about it, lol.

Yeah, I did. And I look forward to it!

holy sh*t

Aha! I found a tiny proof! Bad mobile pic I snapped for a buddy. At least it’s something.

Thorn can be really good, but it doesn’t seem very obvious from how most people play her. This was my pb.


what tips would you guys give to play her?

Always be mobile, don’t charge your arrows, use blight always.

(Personally) I use volley as a ‘shot gun’ skill against melee attackers.

What do you guys think about her zoom. Its different with Marquis. But I feel her zoom makes things worse sometimes.

Mobility is key with Thorn. Play footsies. Go in and out of range/sight. Know when to be aggressive. Practice hitting with the bow while jumping like a maniac.

Fearless’ excellent guide, and my additional advice with it.

Heh, thanks for posting it! I’ll go back over it and polish it when live comes.

Maybe we can get a matchup guide when we get more time with the game.

Yeah, I just did an overview of matchups. I wrote it on saturday and really just wanted to get it out there so people could get the gist of it.

I’m in the process of re-writing some of it and going into more detail.